4 Tips to Get More ‘Repins’ on Pinterest

There are lots of buzz on the internet right now that Pinterest is growing way too fast these days. Yup, the social photo sharing site Pinterest seems to have got lots of attention right now. Launched way back in 2010 by Ben Silberman and his mates, Pinterest is now the fastest growing social bookmarking site. While other social bookmarking sites like Digg allow people to share links, Pinterest is quite different. It allows only photos to be shared. Videos too.


Most of the photo lovers and bloggers are on Pinterest already and they have taken their best opportunities to get the best out of Pinterest for their own benefit and for their business too. According to the reports, Pinterest has been noticed to be giving more referrals than Twitter! If it makes you wonder how Pinterest can help promote your blog, here is the answer.

When you as a blogger share a picture on Pinterest, the Pinterest algorithm automatically makes it possible to link to the post and thus drive traffic to your site. If you come across a pretty stunning image on a blog post, that is worth sharing, you can Pin it to your boards. When people take a look that, it might tempt them to click on the image and voila. The image takes them to the original blog post. Good to get massive traffic, right? Also, there is a feature called ‘Repin’ on Pinterest that will allow the users to share some creative and impressive images on Pinterest with their followers. ‘Repins’ are nothing other than ‘ReTweets’ on Twitter and ‘Share’ on Facebook. Now, the thing is that we must find a way to get more ‘Repins’, right? That’s where our article is headed to. Also check this post, highlighting 6 tips to increase followers on Pinterest.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 Integrate With Other Social Media Sites[/stextbox]

That’s right. If you got a Facebook and Twitter account for yourself, you can link them to your Pinterest account. Once linked, whenever you ‘Pin’ an image to your board, the algorithm will automatically post in Facebook that you ‘Pinned’ an image recently. Also, a tweet will be sent on Twitter. Once they are on, your mates on Facebook and Twitter also would like to take a look at the image and will be eager to share with their friends too. If they find it worth sharing, people will really hit the ‘Repin’ button available and share it with their fellow followers. Also, it is possible that people on Pinterest would also like to hit the Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter ‘Tweet’ button available nearby.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 Share Creative Images[/stextbox]

Pinterest is all about sharing images. While there are lots of options to ‘Pin’ and share the images with people on Pinterest, I highly suggest you to bookmark the ‘Pin It’ button to your bookmarks section in your browser. Once done, you can easily share images that you find really interesting, on Pinterest. Instead of sharing the same images other use to, make sure to share something that really takes one by surprise. For example, if you happen to come across an image showing a dog and cat hugging or kissing, whatever, make sure to ‘Pin’ that to your favorite animals board.

While dog and cat happen to be the biggest enemies out there, sharing such an image will certainly take your followers by surprise and tempt them to share those images with their mates too.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Use Hashtags and ‘Repin’ Others’ Content[/stextbox]

According to my observations, I have noticed that the usage of hastags in the description section of the images boosts the probability that the image gets ‘Repinned’ by other Pinterest users. When compared to those images without hashtags, those with hashtags have been shared more. Also, make sure to use hashtags only for good keywords and also, make sure to use a maximum of 2 to 3 hashtags. Don’t pump the full description with hashtags.

Did you ever know that Pinterest has a stunning 70% of the popularity as women? With that in mind, you can make use of the opportunity to share more images that make the women love. Photos with the hashtags ‘Marriages’, ‘Love’ and ‘Sister’ have proved to be most shared in my Pinterest experience.

[stextbox id=”info”]#4 Pin to the Relevant Board[/stextbox]

While ‘Pinning’ content, you ought to keep in mind to ‘Pin’ images to the relevant boards. If you are about to share an image related to blogging, make sure to ‘Pin’ that to your blogging board and not to some other boards like ‘Cooking’ or something silly. With each board having it’s own followers, it is better to share images with a particular niche rather than dumping all the images in one place.

That’s it. Hoping that you will find this article to be really useful and share with your friends too. Make the best use of these tips to get the highest numbers of ‘Repins’ and build a great circle of friends on Pinterest. If you loved this article, you will certainly love to follow me on Pinterest too. Join me here and if you loved reading my post, make sure to follow me on Twitter @ArunSathiya1995 to get the latest updates on Pinterest.

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