Apple University [Infographic]

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and his circle of trusted employees have taken Apple to the top of the technology world! With Apple’s growth rising tremendously there is no company to stop Apple from dominating the computer world expect for Microsoft and Google. A few days back we saw an infographic “Apple vs Microsoft“, which shows the battle between and Apple and Microsoft each fighting to defeat the other.


And now here’s another infographic depicting the ups and downs of Apple in the presence and absence of it’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Regardless of Steve Job’s absence from the company, Apple’s trend is still going up and up. OnlineColleges has done a good job on presenting this infographic.

They state that “When a leader is deeply connected to a company, he can impact it in many ways. Such is the case with Steve Jobs and Apple, and many wonder what will happen to Apple if Jobs ever has to leave the company. So what’s Apple to do? The company may have found a solution in Apple University.

Now it’s time for us to head to the infographic. Have a look at it and share your views on Apple with us. Click on the infographic for a larger size.

Source [Online Colleges]

7 Comments on Apple University [Infographic]

  1. I have many friends that work at Apple, and their Apple University is top notch education. It’s amazing really what they’re doing. Working at apple isn’t just a job, it’s like a culture, a smaller brotherhood. It’s quite genius and foresee a lot more companies doing this if they want to keep or train experts.

  2. I m also want to join the apple university for the higher education but there are less money to study and university charged a large amount. this is the main reason.

  3. Very interesting many thanks, I presume your readers would likely want more reviews along these lines continue the great effort.

  4. hat’s off to the steve job’s really a man with great mind when joined next took it to the good level and when returned into apple make the apple the global marketting world

  5. You got to admire Steve Jobs’ role in Apple’s road to ultimate success, he is the one with the most responsibility in their company. And he should be the one credited the most on their achievements. Sadly he quit Apple a few months back, hopefully Apply can maintain this level without him.

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