Create Your Own Fake Facebook Conversations

Playing pranks on your friends on Facebook is a good method to kill your boredom. While browsing the web, I found a website which provides a method to create own fake  conversations with friends/celebrities/public figures. I suggest you to use the website only to prank your friends and not for any other means. the site is fully meant for entertainment purpose. Axleration and I are not responsible for your misuse of the website.


Let’s see how to create your prank.

As I told already, there is a website to do this prank specially. The name of the website is FakeConvos. As the name indicates, it is meant for creating Fake conversations. When I logged into the website, I just found it was truly amazing. The favicon of the website was the Facebook’s favicon which was flipped horizontally.

Visit the website

Click on the button Create a new convo or click on the image below to continue.

On the left sidebar of the website, Enter the name of the commentator.

Also browse images for the person you want to start conversation with. you can also do Google Image search or select your friend’s thumbnail or choose from the given default thumbnails.

Then enter the message. Now, you type the first message of the conversation.

After typing your message, click on start stream.

Your first message of the conversation will be created below. To add comments, start to type the commentator name, browse image and type the fake comment.

After creating the conversation fully, give a name and click on Save it.

See the screenshot that we have created. I admit that this is a fake conversation. We have not created this to harm anyone here.

Start pranking your friends. Happy Prank ! :)


How To: Create A Fake Facebook Convo

8 Comments on Create Your Own Fake Facebook Conversations

  1. Thanks for sharing this great tool dude! And by the way, the fake conversation you made is really great dude…Millions likes to that…

  2. I did not know about this. L love the fake conversation in the picture 😛

  3. It will help to play pranks with everybody around the web. I already imagine how amazed my friends will be.Cool work! Thanks

  4. Thanks dude ! 😉

  5. I think that guy also have not more interested in you..when he get another one then he will busy with her…be careful in future from this he using fake profile for abuseing u, so in future what he will do?

  6. If you browse various social media sites where members exchanges funny images, I am sure you must have seen various funny facebook conversation images where people by mistake (or internationally) put something on their wall for everyone to see it.

  7. Wow this is cool! I will definitely try on doing it.

  8. Wow, this tool is amazing. Oh the possibilities….

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