Beware, Facebook Cover Photos are Public by Default

As you read in the title, the cover photos in the Facebook Timeline are set to public by default and cannot be shortlisted such that the photos are visible only to your friends. With the cover set to visible for everyone, one must be cautious when uploading their own picture to the Facebook cover section.


The cover section came with the release of the Facebook Timeline – an all new modified profile of for the Facebook users. Unlike the previous profile version, the top of the present profile features a long horizontal section, where you can upload an eye catching photo that will give a warm welcome to your profile viewers.

In the words of Facebook, it can be put as “Fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you the best. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.

Not only the present cover photo, but also the collection of all the photos in the cover album is set to public visibility. With all the photos in the cover section set to public visibility, the users lack indeed do lack privacy options. If you want yourself not to be seen my strangers, you better not upload any of your photos in the cover section.

If you have previously, uploaded your photos in the cover section, you better go to your covers album and kick out the photos right now. If you want to fill in the cover section with some geeky like covers, dig in : 10 Geeky Facebook Covers That You Would Love

This is not a bug. Facebook mentions, when you are about to about your photo in the cover section. Facebook mentions the fact that the cover photos are set to public by default and it’s up to you whether you upload or not.

4 Comments on Beware, Facebook Cover Photos are Public by Default

  1. I found this article looking for a way to change the default, but it looks like there is not one.

  2. darn it facebook D: your gonna get me banned cause all the haters on deviantart are gonna report the pics on my cover for no reason at all

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