Facebook Photo Zoom Extension for Chrome

Facebook Photo Zoom is a simple, light-weight extension for chrome, that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a image that is displayed on your feed.

This is a highly time saving extension for Facebook, as you can view the images just by hovering over the images instead of clicking them and viewing them in a new page. Facebook Photo Zoom integrates directly into Facebook to allow you to turn the photo zoom on or off with a simple click, or even faster with a keyboard shortcut.

Facebook Photo Zoom Extension for Chrome

1. Go to the FBPZ extension download page through chrome browser.

2. Click on Install to install the extension

3. After installation login to your facebook account and you will see the FBPZ icon near the bottom right of Facebook next to your chat bar.


4. You can hover over images to zoom  them to their original size. Save time with FBPZ.

5. You can toggle FBPZ on and off by clicking the FBPZ icon at the bottom right or by using the keyboard shortcut  CTRL + SHIFT + Z

If the extension doesn’t load then go to the extensions page, chrome://extensions/ of chrome and enable the FBPZ extension. Try the extension and share your comments with us.

Note: This extension is for Google Chrome alone. If I find any similar plugins for other browsers I’ll post it here.

Update: This extension requires more permissions than before now. Please take a look at the permissions that this extension asks for and continue with the installation only if you are okay with it.

6 Comments on Facebook Photo Zoom Extension for Chrome

  1. Very nice plugin for those who like to surf through Facebook a lot. Not much of a fan of the new picture viewer that Facebook added a few months back, so this might be a better alternative to that. Thanks for the share!

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