Google Chrome – Shortcut Keys

Google Chrome is one of those great browsers available out there. I personally use Google Chrome. Google Chrome has many special features like the Omni-box, New Tab Page and especially the speed with which it load pages, It is really super fast.

Keyboard Shortcuts are very important if you were to use a particular software often. Like Google Chrome, which is the most used software for a internet user and those whose work mostly depends on the Internet. Using Google Chrome can be made faster if you know a few shortcuts. So, I thought of listing them out, so that you can use them to increase your efficiency of using Chrome.

Nokia – Mobile Codes

CTRL+1: Switch to the tab in position 1 on the tab strip.

CTRL+N,N=2 to 8: Switch to the tab in position 2 to 8 on the tab strip.

CTRL+9: Switch to the last tab on the tab strip.

CTRL+F4: Close current tab or pop-up window.

CTRL+TAB: Switch to the next tab.

CTRL+PAGE DOWN: Switch to the next tab.

CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: Switch to the previous tab.

CTRL+SHIFT+T: Reopen the last tab that you closed.

CTRL+SHIFT+N: Incignito mode

ALT+F4: Close current window.

CTRL+PAGE UP: Switch to the previous tab.

CTRL+W: Close current tab or pop-up window.

ALT+HOME: Open your home page.

CTRL+SHIFT+B: Toggle bookmarks display

CTRL+D: Bookmark the current page.

CTRL+F: Open the ‘Find in page’ dialog box.

CTRL+G: Find the next match from ‘Find in page’ box.

CTRL+H: View Browsing History.

CTRL+J: View Downloads.

CTRL+O: Open a file in the browser.

CTRL+P: Print the current page.

CTRL+T: Open a new tab.

CTRL+U: View source code of the current page.

CTRL+F5: Reload the current page, overriding the cache.

CTRL+SHIFT+G: Find the previous match from ‘Find in page’ box.

SHIFT+ESC: View Chrome’s internal Task Manager.

SHIFT+F5: Reload the current page, overriding the cache.

F5: Reload the current page.

ESC: Stop the current page from loading.

SHIFT+F3: Find the previous match from ‘Find in page’ box.

SHIFT+F5: Reload the current page, overriding the cache.

ALT+<Link>: Download link.

CTRL+PLUS: Make text larger.

CTRL+MINUS: Make text smaller.

CTRL+0: Return to default text size.

I’ve listed all those that I could collect. If I have missed any shortcuts that you are aware of, Do mention them through the comments, I’ll Update them.

20 Comments on Google Chrome – Shortcut Keys

  1. i hate how they took out the shortcut for the bookmarks page. before it was CTRL + B: toggle bookmarks bar and CTRL + SHIFT + B: open boomkarks bar in a new tab. is there anyway for me to revert to the previous version?

  2. uninstall Google chrome and download the older version from and install it and turn off automatic updates.

  3. i feel extreamly happy about this short cut keys. i appreciate ganesh babu… this is quite useful to google chrome users… well mr. ganesh…

  4. To toggle the bookmark bar (which I hate looking at) I need CTRL+SHIFT+B, but otherwise, this works wonderfully. I copied it and put it on the desktop. Often, I wish I hadn’t closed a tab- it’s a pain to search the history- but now all I need is the CTRL+SHIFT+T. Thanks so much!

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