Google Plus Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Google + is the latest social network in the arena, from the tech foundries of Google. The elegance of Google + clears the fact that, Google is trying harder to get an edge over Facebook in the social networking sector. Google is trying their best to make Google + the finest.


If you have already started using Google +, you might have searched for some hidden tricks or some tips or shortcuts to make your Google + experience much more easier. Here is a small list of tips, tricks and shortcuts that you can try at Google +.

#1 Text Styling

You can format your posts by following this pattern.

*Axleration* renders the text bold. i.e, Axleration

 _Axleration_  renders the text in italics. i.e,  Axleration

-Axleration- would draw a strike line across the word. i.e, Axleration 

#2 Tagging in Posts

You can tag your friends in your posts by, simply using the + or @ handle before their name.

#3 Private Messages

Google+ currently don’t have the private messaging feature. Instead you can share any posts with the required person (only with them) and disable the reshare option. This will work like a private message.

#4 Sharing Photos, Videos and Links

You can share photos, videos and links by just dragging and dropping them into the share box.

#5 Shortcuts

Space = Scroll Down Streams

Shift Space = Scroll Up Streams

J = Single Post Scroll Down

K = Single Post Scroll Up

Q = Jump to chat

Return = Start Comment

Tab, Return = End Comment

Hope these tips and tricks helped you. If you have got some more, then do share it with us ! Enjoy Googling around 😀

Check out the Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook too !

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