How To: Test A Phone Online Before Buying

When you are going to buy a brand new mobile phone, what the first thing you would probably do? Google up to check it’s features and read reviews? Yeah, that’s the thing everyone use to do. It’s the same case with me too. But, today when I was surfing the web, I came across a pretty awesome web tool with which you can actually play with the phone before buying it.


Well, that amazing web tool is none other than Demo Anywhere. Demo Anywhere provides customers with flash designed virtual phones. The users can try out those virtual mobile phones to their heart’s content before buying a brand new, real mobile phone. It not only provides you with virtual handsets but also adds tutorials /demos for the mobile phones.

The first page of the site sports five major mobile phone providers at the bottom. They are Sprint, Virgin, AT&T, Cricket and Boost. Click any one to check all the mobile devices provided by that particular provider. On clicking, a list of all handsets by that provider appears on the left side. Click any one device to check the demos.

If you want to check how to make a voicecall with a new mobile, you are not familiar with, Demo Anywhere is there to help you. Just go to the site, search for that mobile phone, in the tutorials section, search for the tab “Voice Calls” and there goes a sub category. Hit the tab named “Make a call” and there goes a live demo showing how to make a voice call with that mobile phone.

It’s not just demos and tutorials. Below the tutorials section, you will find a tab named “Virtual Phone” on the left side. Click on it and have fun navigating the phone. If the “Virtual Phone” tab is not available, don’t worry. The makers are trying their best to make virtual phones and demos available for all the handsets. Have fun with Demo Anywhere.

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