25 Comments on View Last Login Time and Location in Facebook

  1. Mine just shows the time I'm logged in now, ie if someone else logged in from another location 10 minutes ago, and I logged in from my computer 5 minutes ago, it shows my login, not the other persons. What use is this??

  2. but how to find “also active” becouse on my facebook i see only “most recent activity” i can’t find “also active”

  3. You cannot find it unless you have access to your account. If you have your mobile phone linked with your account, then you can use the forgot my password option.

  4. Is the information about last access on FB always accurate, especially with regards to time?

  5. Hey, One of my friends fb accounts password has changed without his knowledge. Even the gmail doesnt open. I think someone has hacked his account. How can i know in such a case who accessed it last time and the location etc. Please help me in this situtation.

  6. hi there when other person logged on Facebook it just shows the time of that persons last login time but when i log in from my pc i can only see his login time but i cant see my login details . why so? is it possible that he can only see my login details and me only him? what cant i see my login time from my PC ? please do reply me

  7. is the last acuess time local time where ur at location wise? or how dose it work?

    if i am going back to asia is the access time asian time? or still american time..and also if i have a joint account … i am at one place in the world and my friend is at the other side how dose the access time work?

  8. Hi,

    I once clicked “end activity”. Since then, its not showing me the last account time details properly, it would only show last accessed as the time I login to facebook. Suppose, I login at 4:15 PM and then when I check last account accessed under “Account Security”, it would show the time as 04:15 PM” only and not the previous time of log in. Could you help.

  9. sum unknown person logged into my facebook account i got a message to my mobile but i did not get mail is it possible how to know from which device or which ip adress pl help me

  10. You can see only upto the last 4 logins. You can’t see more than that, if it is a matter of someone’s life, then contact Facebook for the activity logs.

  11. This doesn’t work anymore, facebook have changed. There is no ‘Account’ option seen once I login into facebook. There is a drop down arrow which has ‘Advertising’,’Account Settings’,’Privacy Settings’,’Log out’, and ‘Help’. When I go into ‘Account settings’ there is no option called ‘Account security’. There you can find ‘Security’, clicking upon which you just see ‘Active Sessions’ but not the last login time or anything.

  12. Updated the article to let users know of the current change. You can’t see the last login time any more though 🙁 However the active sessions can let you know if someone is using your account without your permission.

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