10 Extensions for a Better YouTube Experience [Chrome]

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the planet and it has some very good numbers to boast about, like more than 24 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every second and many stuff like that. Chrome is another fantastic product from Google, which is setting some new trends for browsers. When these two combine, you can expect something new. Here we are going to see about a few extensions that would help us Use YouTube for better.

Extensions for Chrome is like Plugins for Firefox. These helps us to increase Chrome’s functionality. There are thousands of extensions in the Chrome web store. We’ve hand-picked these specially for you.

#1 YouTube Options for Google Chrome

This is the all in one Chrome extension for a better YouTube experience. It has many awesome features like disabling ads, annotations, auto-play. You can also set the default size or resolution of the videos. You have an option to play videos in loop, and to open suggested videos in a pop-out window by default. You can also set it to open all videos in https protocol by default for added security. This extension is a must have for all avid YouTubers. 😉

#2 YouTube Feeds

If you like a few channels or persons who upload interesting videos, you can subscribe to their feeds and can be notified whenever they upload a new video by using this extension. Helpful, if you are following a lot of people and want to stay in touch.


#3 SmartVideo For YouTube

Like the first plugin, SmartVideo is another all in one plugin which has almost all the options as the first one, but it also has some special options for buffering. These’ll help you customise the video buffering according to the speed of your connection. Will be handy if you are having a slow internet connection.

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#4 Picture-In-Picture For YouTube

This plugin adds a new button which says PIP near the Share button in the YouTube video player. Once clicked, the video will be docked and placed above all windows at the corner of the screen, so that you can multi-task without pain.

#5 YouTube Downloader

We’ve previously shared a tool to download only audio from YouTube videos. This extension for Chrome lets you download the  YouTube video in different formats and also download only the audio from the videos. It is highly easy to use and adds a button near the video player for downloading the video.

#6 YouTube Ratings Preview

This is one of the extensions that I love very much. This extension adds the like bar to all thumbnail previews in YouTube, so you can make sure whether the video is worth watching or not. Most of the times, we are attracted by the title and watch a video, just to know at the end, it was all a bad joke. Ratings preview will put an end to all those stupid videos.

#7 Turn Off The Lights

This one can also be called as the distraction eliminator. This beautiful extension fade the entire page to dark except for the video so we can enjoy the video without any kind of distraction.

#8 Toggle Comments

If you use YouTube often, by now you would’ve known about the insanity of YouTube comments. It is filled with the filthiest of people using hate language and spreading racism on their course. It is the de-facto place for flame wars. So, if you’re tired of them, use this extension and hide them by default and you can cause yourself bad by clicking on a button to reveal the hidden comments.

#9 Looper for YouTube

Though the first and third extensions cover this for you. This one can be used, if you need only this. This plugin adds a “loop” button to the video player, clicking on which will play the video on an infinite loop.

#10 Skip ads on YouTube

If you hate those ads that pop up before every video you watch and don’t like to watch a 20 second advertisement for a 1 minute video, then this one is perfect for you. This extension adds a blue play button near the upload link at the top. Clicking on it would skip the advert and play the video for you. Simple and easy.

That is the end of our collection of 10 good extensions that would help you use YouTube better and have an entertaining experience.

If you’ve any doubts using it, do let us know and we’ll help you out. Know a better extension which is left out here ? Do let us know. More cool stuff coming up this way, subscribe to the feeds and keep sharing your views with us to keep us going. 😀