10 of the Best Math iPhone Apps for Preschoolers

In addition to all of its handy features, the iPhone can also be used as a wonderful learning tool for children. Many applications have been developed to teach arithmetic to kids so that they form and continue to cultivate strong math skills. Most children relish the idea of using their parent’s phone, and the interactive features in these apps make learning feel more like play. Here are some of the top apps for teaching math to your preschooler.

  • i Learn With Poko: Fun Counting and Addition!- This app has won numerous awards, including  a Mom’s Choice Award and a Brain Toy Award in 2012. Its intention is to prepare children ages three to six for school. The primary skills taught are counting and addition, while secondary skills like number recognition and math symbols are also reinforced. There are fun characters your child will work with, like Poko and Minus. Children can earn medals and rewards while parents are kept abreast of their child’s progress through a tracking system. The child’s learning path and level of difficulty are personalized, based on their progress.
  • Count TV– The popular Sesame Street character, The Count, now has his own iPhone app! He talks to your child and gives her a remote control. She can then use the remote control to choose a number. A video clip will play with that number and at some point, Count will interrupt the video and ask the child to count. Don’t be surprised if you see appearances made by other Sesame Street characters, like Ernie and Cookie Monster!
  • Intro to Math, by Montessorium– This app uses the proven Montessori method of teaching to demonstrate numbers in several different ways. Children will learn to read, write and understand numbers, sequence, order, spatial relationships and much more. They will arrange rods in order of length and later quantity, trace sandpaper numbers, work with sequences and learn odd and even numbers.
  • Counting Caterpillar– This is a visually striking app that will keep children challenged and engaged. There are over 45 levels. At first, the app teaches counting to 100. Later, children are taught skip counting by twos, fives and tens. Children earn unique butterflies for completing levels, which they can view at any time in the gallery. The app also offers words of praise often to keep children encouraged.
  • Monkey Math Sunshine School– This app teaches many math skills, like counting, addition, subtraction, sets, patterns, shapes, sequencing and more. Some lessons ask questions while others are interactive games. Children begin the game with an empty aquarium. As they advance through the game, they are rewarded with fish and other items to place in this interactive tank.
  • Park Math– A winner of at least 15 awards, including iLounge’s Best Kid iPhone/iPad App of the Year, Park Math is an engaging application that teaches counting, sorting, patterns, addition, subtraction and more. Set in a park, your child can count the number of times a bunny swings and create patterns in a sandbox. The app plays kid friendly music and utilizes nursery rhymes in its teachings, as well.
  • Mermaid Waters– In this app, children join mermaids and help them rescue sea creatures while learning addition, subtraction, counting, sequencing and much more. Children are rewarded with stickers as they progress through the game. In addition, parents can choose to receive progress reports to track how their child is doing.
  • Farm 123– This app is an interactive pop-up book that teaches numbers. It won Kids App of the Year in 2012 from iLounge. The book is visually entertaining, with pop up pictures, music and sound effects. This app also includes counting games.
  • Love to Count by Pirate Trio– Winner of the 2012 Parents Choice Award, Love to Count teaches children why math is important. It contains over 700 activities, and teaches counting, sequence, fractions, ordinals and knowing left from right (among other things). The games and tasks are all pirate themed and are very engaging. This app has a reward system as well a parental tracking system.
  • Motion Math: Hungry Guppy– This application won the Parent’s Choice Silver Award. There are 15 levels for kids to play through and learn from. Your child starts off adding dots together, rather than numbers. Then, the number symbols are taught so that a child can see, for example, that three dots and the number three mean the same thing. Next, the child progresses to adding numbers together. All of this learning takes place as the child feeds a cute fish and listens to music.