10 Music Production Tips

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If you want to become an accomplished music producer you have to go through a long process.  No matter if you are working in a high-quality music studio, or you are just working in your home studio setup. However, you can minimize this time by following some tips and tricks.

You have to get an idea of what you should do and what you should avoid. Here I will discuss 10 music production tips for you in this article which will help you to improve your work.

1. Set a Straight Direction

First of all, you have to understand whether music is a hobby for pleasure or if you want to make it your career. If it is a career you are looking for, then make a straight decision that you will keep focused on until you gain success otherwise you will suffer from many kinds of frustration.

And the frustration will make you failed to gain the success. So you have to keep focusing!  Otherwise, you will lose your aim, and your mind will want to go in a different direction. So you have to make a straight direction, focus on that decision and work hard.

2. Be Patient

As I said before, becoming a skilled musician is a long term process. So after taking your decision, you have to be patient. You will not be able to make a perfect sound overnight no matter you are. You have to do so many session over the year, and that will get you closer to the perfect sound rather than sitting jamming for whole night to make it.  Like other professions, you need regular practice to become professional.  Again if you jam all night, your hearing ability will be affected, and you will not be able to make different between the current sound and the previous sound. Really it is never useful to work for a long time all at once, but it is more import to work regularly.

3. Pick You DAW

There are plenty of software programs that you can work with. Choose a few of them and start working.  After a few month of working if you still find the software confusing then move on to something else. Use and try to understand which is suitable for you. From my experience, I can say, “Ableton” and “Reason” are suitable for any new user. For the Mac users “Logic” is the best choice. You have to understand that DAW is the main instrument for you, so you have to love it to get the best performance.

4. Music Theory

Music Theory makes your music production more interesting and rich to the listeners. Making music by ear only is like boating in the ocean without any direction. If you have the knowledge of music theory, you will be able to add extra-musical content to your tracks. Learning music theory will help you to gain a new perspective over your creations.

Still, if you don’t want to use music theory and still you believe that you can make it with your ears only, I suggest you to use a quality sound box or soundbar for better sound quality.

5. Study Music – a lot

It is important to learn new things no matter you take the work as your hobby or as a career. If it is your hobby, then learning new things will keep it interesting.  And if it’s your career you need to stay up to date. There is a huge number of tutorials from the experts on the internet and even on YouTube.  Load them and watch those videos and be an expert.

Now let’s have some tips for working.

6. Structure Your Track First

I believe in the arrangement workflow process which means arranging music before starting work. But how would you arrange something that actually doesn’t exist? Okay, it’s simple, you should make your structure first.

  • Create 3-5 “placeholder” tracks such as Drums, Chords, Bass, etc.
  • Create clips for each of different chords
  • Arrange chords and plan your fundamentals.

Follow these tips to think about the whole process.

7. When to Use Presets

If you’re not a preset user, then work with them. Don’t design your own sounds. And if you are a preset user, then work without them. Try to develop your own sounds. It will help you to increase your ability.

8. Use 5 beats on Every TrackSony SRS-XB2 Blue

Add at least five beats to every track so that your kick drum has five beats.  Use a high-pass and a low-pass filter. You can use delay, an equalizer, two filters, and a glitch plugin for extra effect.

9. Create a Song With One Sample Pack

Don’t stick with just one sound to make music.  And don’t use many samples. Try to make a song with one sound pack. It will make your song sounds more cohesive. It will also decrease the amount of choices in a pack. The smaller the sample is, the better it is.  And last, try to merge genres together for a completely new sound. This is a little bit tricky, but it can be a great way to become creative. So you have to work at this process.

10. Develop Your Style

At last, I am going to give you something especial. You can take this tip as free advice.

It will take so many years to make your own style. You can copy someone’s style which will make it easy to create a style, but it is not a good idea. You have to consider what kind of music you want to make and how to express yourself. After every session, you will get closer to your desired sound style. If you can reach your goal, you will find that people can recognize your music just hearing a few seconds.

That is the rewarding thing, isn’t it? You may not reach the goal but yet you have already developed something unique of your own.  So, I hope these 10 tips will come to your help a lot.  Just give them a try and see what happens.  And you will need a computer – we recommend that you choose the best music laptop for all your music production.

At least these tips will help you to keep your focus and if you can keep focused, then you have the best chance of success.


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