10 Steps To Build Your Own Money Making Blog

A blog is a Money Making Machine.  It is a little wonder that gets you hundreds to thousands of dollar if used in an appropriate manner. Blogging is a very good option for those who are looking out to do something of their interest.  These days many people make more money than their regular day job by blogging. You can build your own money making blog with no much difficulty.

Follow this perfect guide to money making.  So you can do what you want at your convenience and earn some extra money at the same time. Given below are few vital steps that a person should follow to build their own money making blog. Following them one by one can help you to create a wonderful blog for yourself.

Please take your time to read through it, than just skimming, because this will pay you for sure.

How To Build Your Own Money Making Blog

  • Find a domain name for your blog. This is the primitive step that you will have to take while building your blog.  Search a domain name for your blog and choose the most appropriate one.  It is best to choose a domain name which has some related keywords of your blog.  You can also look for a package of domain name and web hosting.  Register your domain and choose the number of years. It is very compulsory to register your domain name as this is the assurance that the name you have registered is yours.
  • Once the registration process is over and you have opened a blog account, you have to install WordPress or any other blogging platform. We prefer WordPress. This you can do it yourself either looking at a demo or get some help from your web hosting company.  Make sure that you get the login details from your host company.
  • There is lot of excitement when you first create a blog.  So you can login now, make the required changes and experiment with the various types of plug-ins provided in your wordpress and above all publish your first post in your blog. There are several blogging platforms of which few are paid and few are for free.  There are plenty of sources that are available online that you can refer if you are stuck somewhere in the process of creating your own blog and choosing a blogging platform. It is better to get a customizable theme at the initial point itself as this would allow managing your blog ads and blog post.
  • Now comes the real point of money making from your blog. CPC and CPM ad programs on your blog allow you to earn good income.  They place ads next to the article that are relevant to the article. In CPC ad network you are paid according to the click ratio whereas in CPM you are paid based on the impression.
  • Affiliate selling is definitely a good option, which you can add to your money making blog. Many people are earning good amount of dollars through affiliate selling. There are hundreds of options that are available online. There are immense tools and resources which can help you to simplify your task and help you in getting paid from your money making blog.
  • You can provide some space for placing ads of several companies. Thus your website acts like billboards to place these ads. In this way too there are several people making few dollars through their blog. it is the most simple and easy way to earn some money.


  • The real secret in terms of building your own money making blog is right here. What is it? Just by creating a blog one does not get income. There is a lot more hard work involved in it. Now, at this stage you have to start writing articles on some topic that would interest the readers and post it in your blog.  Besides this, Guest Posting also simplifies your task to a greater extent. You can also use your articles for guest posting in some other blogs. This is a great way of driving traffic to your website.
  • There are blog community sites where you can sign up and attract some visitors in this way too. Networking always work wonders. Then, you can submit some of the good articles that you have written to blog carnivals. If the title and the topic of the articles are interesting then you would undeniably get immense traffic.
  • Submit the blog link to several directories. They contribute to a larger extent in bringing untapped traffic. Article submission should be done in which you submit articles along with your blog link in several article submission sites. You can also link to other blogs directly.  Search engines send good traffic, so make certain that you create a search engine friendly blog.
  • There are several steps of search engine optimization which has to be essentially focused while building your blog.  See to that your blog is search engine friendly.  They include Blog commenting, Forum posting, and many more.  Social bookmarking and social networking is also a great way to drive traffic. Social networking is just not about connecting to people but, it can be used for connecting them to your business and work.

Though it all seems to be simple, you need lot of hard work which has to be done with dedication and devote lot of time while building your blog.  Whether you create a new discussion thread or comment on other blog post it is important to be honest in whatever you do. Work every day on your blog for a stipulated time frame. Learn how to go about and most importantly learn where to stop.  Don’t waste your time doing lot of things.  Do what is required. Learn about the various tools and uses of each tool.  Select appropriate tools that would be useful to you.  Initially the growth may seem to be very less but down the line when the traffic to your blog increases then you can see good results for yourself.  Therefore build a great blog with all these check points and make your work simpler while earning more and growing more each day!

About the Author: Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar is an entrepreneur and a part time blogger. He is also a daily visitor of thedailyblender.net– a blog that is delicious and trippy at the same time. To know more about him follow him on Twitter @DebarshiGD

Hope the article helped you to build your own money making blog. If you have any doubt, let us know through the comments and we’ll help you out. If you are interested in guest posting at Axleration, you can now. Happy Blogging !