10 Ways to Stay Anonymous online

Staying anonymous online is very important nowadays. It is well known that many identity thieves choose the victims online. So to protect yourself and your identity online, you need to take various steps. We’ve listed below a few areas where you need to concentrate to stay anonymous online.


Staying anonymous online is one of the toughest tasks with all web companies trying to know everything about you. We cannot guarantee that these will help you stay totally anonymous. But these will help you to begin your process of being totally anonymous online.

  1. Web Browser

While you are considering staying anonymous online, it is recommended not to use web browsers like Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, or FireFox. Instead, you should be using unidentified web browsers; this is for the reason that an anonymous web browser will always be storing your information, cache, cookies on a secured Web servers. This is going to protect and secure you even more as compared to what a proxy will.

All of the information such browsers are going to receive via your system can only be examined and opened with your password that you have particularly specified and no one else will be able to access your information.

eCapsule is one of the best examples when it comes to using an anonymous web browser.

  1. Encryption

You can get your hard disk encrypted with PGP application. What it will do is that it will be encrypting your hard disk. None will be able to access your private files or folders. Even if you misplace your drive, hackers or unauthenticated sources will never be able to access your drive.

  1. Your System’s Information

You need to make sure that you have registered your system with misleading and false information. This is something non-compulsory but if you want to make sure that you are absolutely secure, you need to take this step. The primary reason is that some error reports and applications log such information.

  1. Wi-Fi Connection

You need to keep this point in mind that you should always be connecting to a connectivity option with various different users or public Wi-Fi. This appears to be an understandable step as you can have all of the above mentioned but if you are an individual user then it does not take a mastermind much time to track your IP.

  1. Proxies

All kind of manual proxies such as hidemyip, Tor and other, do not opt for these. The primary reason is that they are ineffective, slow and just lame. You may also find it exceedingly infuriating that you have to type in the URL address for every single site that you are considering visiting in the proxy itself. VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are a lot more effective, fast and completely secure.

  1. Https

You should always make use of HTTPS as an alternative of the HTTP syntax in your URL whenever it is possible for you. It is considered to be a lot more secure.

  1. Spoofing With MAC

You will be able to spoof your MAC user ID with an application called as the MacMakeup. This program will help you change your user ID to an unsystematic one.

  1. Your Personal Info

As a matter of fact, you should never be using your real info while you are signing up for portals about which you are uncertain. As selling of information and identity theft is a substantial business over the Internet.

  1. Internet Protection Suites

It is recommended to opt for a absolute Internet protection suite. These suites will guard you against everything and anything malicious over the Web. Make sure you check out the reviews before downloading any for your system.

  1. Unsafe and Insecure IP’s

Download suitable applications that can help you block a large number of insecure IP’s from yours. This is normally utilized for torrents, but the library of known hacker IP’s that is held within and is effective to have.

Hope this information helped you to protect yourself online. Do share your comments and add any extra tips that you know.

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