3 Ways to Track your Teens Whereabouts

A child is a gift from God. A teenager is that same gift meant to be a trial…of your patience and love. Many parents will be more than likely to agree with this. Teenage is a volatile time in one’s life and where impulses, emotions, adrenaline and other brain chemicals take you is anyone’s guess. And as a parent, one who fears serious problems from falling on their child, it’s important to know where your teen is. Now simply communicating and expecting an honest answer is great if you have that kind of a relationship, but for others, some slightly offhand tactics are required to keep a bird’s eye on what and where your child is up to. And even if you have that ideal relationship the magazines talk about, there is no sure- fire guarantee that your teen will never be a victim of bullying or peer pressure, and hence lie to you about what they are really doing.
So, one of the best option is to get your hands on some  parental monitoring software. These come in various packages, all customized to monitor your child from their cell phone as well as computer’s usage. But if you want to know where your teen is, whether at their high school soccer practice or at their friends place studying like they said, then cell phone tracking software is best suited for your needs. Using it to track the location of your teen is simple and can be done without any major outside assistance too. Here are the ways you can go about it:
1.       Locate a cell phone tracking software that you can download from the internet onto your teen’s phone. The tracking application should then be able to send you details of the location via GS technology to an online site (most likely where you downloaded the software to begin with) or your own phone. Some software allows you to access call log, text, and multimedia information as well. This way the app becomes a complete parental monitoring software and tool.
2.        Instead of manually downloading a cell phone tracker online, an easier option is to purchase a phone that comes with such features pre-installed. These phones come equipped with such software for special purpose use and allow you access to the phone’s location directly from the manufacturer. Information retrieval method is the same; notifications from either a website or text message sent to your phone.
3.       And finally, you can activate cell phone tracking via your cell phone carrier. However, not all carriers may offer you monitoring packages that fit your need so you may want to rethink your carrier plan if this is the way you choose to go. Sprint offers ‘Family Locater’ and Verizon has ‘Chaperone’ but the downside is that these extra services will cost you a fee at the end of the month.  And if family tracking is not available, something or the other will be so contact your service provider to work out the details.
Being a good parent is all about knowing what your teen is doing. Of course, the time of teenage itself is next to impossible to put a hold on but that doesn’t mean you have no role to play in their life. Opting to know the whereabouts of your teen at all times is the right choice. Always better safe than sorry.
Author Bio:
Natalia David is a tech expert who also writes articles in her spare time to benefit her readers with some expert tips and guidelines. She can be reached @NataliaDavid4