13 Pinterest Facts You Never Knew [Infographic]

As we all know, Pinterest is one of those stunning new social photo sharing sites out there. The site has been gaining a lot of attraction from the photo lovers and if it surprises you, the site has been getting millions and millions of unique visitors each day. The site was founded two years back and now, since it’s integration with Facebook, Pinterest has proved to be a really great site attracting cool visitors daily. It was just a few days back when we hinted the top four reasons why Pinterest has been working well.


And now, here is a stunning infographic made by the folks at Modea who have taken steps to carefully sort out the top 13 interesting Pinterest facts that will surprise you. If you take a deeper look at the infographic, will notice that Pinterest has a stunning 2,702.2% increase in the unique visitors since May 2011.

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Pinterest has a majority of the population as women and according to the facts 68.2% of the population are women. Well, that’s a known fact for ages. And here is something to surprise you. Did you ever know that Pinterest tempts more people to stare at the photos than those in Facebook? If the below infographic is true, Pinterest users spend 15.8 minutes taking a look at the photos while Facebook users spend only 12.1 minutes. Well, take a look at the infographics for other facts.