15+ Resources to Learn Programming Online for Free

Computer programming isn’t an easy task and it isn’t something like MS Word, which you can learn by trial and error. You need a guide to learn programming. There are many institutions that teach you programming. You can join anyone of them and start learning, but most of them are very expensive and if you are trying to learn a programming just for fun, then these can be out of your reach. The Internet provides us with everything. We share with you 15 great resources to learn programming online for free !

We’ve classified this list into two categories:

  1. Interactive Type resources which let you try out the code online and provide you with exercises as you learn. These can be fun filled and make programming easier to understand and the learning experience, a joyful thing.
  2. Theory Type resources are more like ebooks, where you’ll get to read everything about the programming language and the learning experience depends on your interest and how you take the course.

Each tool let you learn a different programming language. We’ve made the programming language bold to make it easier for you to find the one you are looking for. Take a look below.

7 Interactive Tools to Learn Programming Online

#1 Codecademy

Codecademy is the de-facto place for interactive programming online. Codecademy has lessons on Ruby, Python and JavaScript that is very much to fun to learn, because they use a different approach to teach. Learning at Codecademy is like learning with the help of a personal tutor. You’ll have an online code editor, so that you need not download and install anything.  You’ll be awarded points and batches for completing exercises if you’ve registered at Codecademy.

#2 HacketyHack

Hackety Hack is the only odd man out in this list, because it is a downloadable program, unlike other online services. Hackety will teach you programming right from the very basic. You can learn the Ruby programming language using Hackety. You can download it for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

#3 RubyMonk

RubyMonk is another site that’ll teach you Ruby. RubyMonk also comes with an online editor for coding and you can register and create an account with them to track your progress. The lessons and easy and beginner friendly.


#4 Programr

Programr is more like an online code editor. Using Programr you can write code on many languages including, but not limited to PHP, Java, Python, C, C++, Ruby and more. You can even code for Android and iOS apps. Though Programr doesn’t teach you programming from ground up, it lets you check the source code of other user created programs, so that you can learn it on your own. Programr is recommended if you have a basic programming knowledge.

#5 jQuery Air

jQuery is the most used JavaScript framework in the world. You’ve to register before using jQuery Air. The course has several levels at each level, you’ll be shown a webcast explaining you stuff, after which you’ll be given code challenges with an online console for solving it. When you complete each challenge, you’ll be awarded with points and batches. This is by far the best way to learn jQuery online.

#6 CodeAvengers

The theme of CodeAvengers is based on the blockbuster hollywood movie, The Avengers. At CodeAvengers, they have courses for JavaScript as of now. You can create an account to track your process. There are 10 lessons in total and you’ll be provided with points when you complete each task. You’ll have an online console to take out the exercises. It is fun filled and totally cool.

#7 W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the most standard web resources. It has courses for HTML, CSS, JS, XML, PHP, ASP, SQL and many other web oriented languages. They have an online code editor for a few tutorials like CSS and HTML. But for others, you can use Programr listed above. When you complete a course, you can take up a paid exam and get certified.

8 Free Resources to Learn Programming Online

The resources listed below are mostly like ebooks which you can read to enrich your programming knowledge.

#1 MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare consists of not only computer programming, but also the same syllabus used by the brilliant minds in MIT on various disciples of science, engineering and others. MIT OCW is the most reputed free resource available online. You can browse through the various courses available there and use it to learn better coding.

#2 Google Code University

Google Code University is Google’s contribution for the developers community. You can find various courses for various levels of audience. You can ask for support in the forums and with the help of other Google products like Google Code and App Engine, this will help you take your developer carrier to the next level.

#3 WikiBooks

WikiBooks has an extensive collection of free books on computing and programming. It has books on programming for almost all languages. Browse through the list and choose the one you need and start reading right away.

#4  Free-ed

Freed-ed has many free resources on a variety of topics and the computing section has enough material to keep you occupied for months. It is beginner friendly and easy to understand.

#5 Berkeley Webcast

University of Berkeley has a huge compilation of webcasts on various disciples of engineering. Under the computing section, they have loads of useful information. It’ll be highly useful, if you want to enrich your technical knowledge and reach newer and better standards.

#6 School of Webcraft

The school of webcraft is funded by Mozilla and it is one of the P2PU (peer to peer university) schools. It has tutorials on various languages. The tutorials are not vast, but the project is crowd sourced, so we can expect it to grow faster.

#7 WebMonkey

WebMonkey is a web developer blog and a Condé Nast property. They also have various cheat sheets and simple tutorials to help you at the beginning. Take a look at it to know more.


#8 LandofCode

LandofCode is another free site that let’s you learn programming for free. They have free programming tutorials on various languages though, they does not go deep into any language, they help you get started.

That’s all folks. This list is huge and it can keep you busy coding for months. Though there are hundreds of resources available online, we’ve handpicked only a few so that you can learn programming online only from the most trusted people. But, there are high chances that we might’ve missed a good resource or tool. Let us know and we’ll add it to this list, so that it’ll help others.

Update 1: I don’t know how I left this. YouTube is the home of all free webcasts online. Just search for the programming language you are looking to learn and you’ll get hundreds of videos to guide you through.

Update 2: Our fellow reader, Prashanth has mentioned in the comments about forums. Yup, forums like coderanch and stackoverflow can help you with programming when you are struck somewhere. Quora is a good resource too.

If you have any doubts while using this, or need to ask something related to programming, don’t feel shy, drop a comment and we’ll help you out. Don’t forget to share this highly helpful article with your aspiring-developer friends. Subscribe to the newsletter for more developer resources.