2 Free Angry Birds Alternatives

Angry Birds is an addictive game originally launched for the iOS platform then over to other platforms too. With 140 million downloads across all platforms, the game has been called “one of the most mainstream games out right now”, “one of the great runaway hits of 2010”, and the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far.


But Human nature is that, we tend to get bored when we keep doing the same thing. This is the same case with angry birds too. Rovio launched, Angry Birds Seasons to prevent users from getting bored as this new game will be updated around important events and festivals.

If you need a completely different game with a similar gameplay to that of Angry Birds, then there are a few alternatives. I have listed only the free alternatives for angry birds, which are equally addictive but on a different scenario.


This game is similar to Angry Birds, but here you play with bulls instead of Birds. In this game, the bulls have excaped and you need to destroy china shops with those escaped bulls.

Launch the bulls into the shop to cause as much destruction as you can. Ensure every vase, plate, and glass has been destroyed to run up a damage bill equivalent to that of a natural disaster. Be aggressive. Be angry. Break stuff.

[Download Link]

Crush the Castle

Your King has sent you to unleash your Trebuchet around the Kingdom as you conquer the lands of The Black Shores, Umbria, Wintervale, Dante Flats & Betsonia.

A Periodic effect added to the modern game style. You’ll enjoy it for sure. There is also an online version available here.

[Download Link]

Hope you liked them, try these free alternatives and share your thoughts on these games with us. We’ll be back with more Angry Birds alternatives in the future. Don’t forget to drop a comment below 😉