2 Main Reasons to Go For iPhone 4S

With the iPhone 4S set for launch today, there is a large heating debate on the Apple lovers. iPhone 4S comes with a lot of newly added features that make it the best phone right now. There are many reasons to choose iPhone 4S over other phones out there. But here, as the very title suggests, I bring 2 main reasons why you have to choose iPhone 4S over other ones out there in this world.

[stextbox id=”info”]1) Comes loaded with Siri – The Voice Assistant[/stextbox]

Siri is a new tech feature available in this new version of iPhone with which you can control the whole iPhone with just your voice commands. You can just tap your iPhone 4S with your speech and your device will respond you with results. You can ask almost anything. The range is unlimited. You can bump it asking meanings of certain words, explanation for something, text your friends with just voice commands, check the weather forecast in any place and much more. Here is a video demo showing how Siri works in iPhone 4S. Also to know more about Siri, check out this post titled “Apple Unveils Siri in iPhone 4S


[stextbox id=”info”]2) Pre-installed with iOS 5[/stextbox]

The title says it all. This iPhone 4S is pre-installed with iOS 5. Apple recently launched the iOS 5, the next version of the operating system for Apple devices. The previous version of iPhone users will have to upgrade to iOS 5 at the Apple store. This iOS 5 has a lot of newly added features that make it more interesting than ever. A quite few new features are mentioned below :

  • New notifications center : A place where you can get notified of all things. This place makes your use of iPhone 4S a lot easier. It gets dumped with all kinds of alerts such as mail alerts, text from friends and much more. You can check all those right in one place and take action.
  • Integrated with Twitter App : This new Twitter app is meant just for Apple users. It is uniquely designed for suiting the use of iPhone fans. You can tweet, reply to a tweet, mention people and do all kind of stuff that you do in Twitter right with this app. And the much more interesting thing is that you can add location to your tweets too in this app!
  • iMessage : That’s my most favorite feature of this new iOS 5. With iMessage, the conversation between iDevice users becomes a lot simpler and easier. You no longer need SMS to text your friends. You own a Apple device and your friend owns one too? Then you can text each other free of charge! Install iOS 5 and send unlimited texts to your friends for free via Wi-Fi or 3G.
That’s it. Those are the two main features that make iPhone 4S the best right now in this world. So are you one of those Apple fan boys to lay your hands on it? By the way, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.