2 New Quietly Introduced Features by Facebook

Facebook made history in the last few days. First came the new Facebook lists. Next in the f8 2011 conference held at San Francisco, Facebook introduce the newly re-designed profile called the TimelineFacebook joined hands with Spotify, Rdio and many other popular music services to provide free music in Facebook for it’s users. Up came friend activity tab for Facebook fan pages. A couple of days back, Facebook introduced the new official iPad app for Facebook.


Facebook didn’t stop even now. It came up with another two new features. But there wasn’t much talk on these two new features. It were rolled out to the users quietly. Hope you noticed these two earlier. Now let’s see those two new features.

[stextbox id=”info”]1) Translating comments to default language[/stextbox]

Facebook recently woke up to the fact that many of it’s users are speaking in new, multiple languages. A lot of users have been commenting and posting in new languages. To make it understandable to other users of different language, Facebook has come up with an in-line translator which displays a new button labeled “Translate” near comments that are in new language. When you click on it, the comment will automatically translate the comment to the default language. You can also come back to original comment after translating.


[stextbox id=”info”]2) Mentioning No-Friend in Facebook pages[/stextbox]

The title says it all. So you are the proud owner of a certain page? Consider you post a post in your fan page. A stranger drops in a comment. So how will you mention him in the next comment, that is your reply? As you read in the title, now you can start mentioning people in your fan page. But the thing is that you will have to be the admin of that particular page.

Admins of Facebook Pages can now mention people within comments on Page posts. Page admins can only mention people who have commented on a post originating from the Page. The tagged person will receive a notification and can view the personal response when they click on the notification.” says Facebook in it’s official post in Facebook.

That’s it. Those two were the newly added features in Facebook. If your friends haven’t noticed these newly added features in Facebook, refer them to visit this post. Thank ya!