2 Ways To Check If Your Gmail Account is Hacked

Almost all of us have a Gmail account now, and most of us check our emails daily. It is very important that we are sure about the secureness of our Email id. I don’t ask you to go paranoid about securing your email id, but there are a few ways which you can use to check whether your account has been hacked, if you get even the mildest of the doubts that someone would have hacked into your account.


Most hackers when they hack into your account won’t change your password. As it is easier to recover your account even if your password is changed. So hackers stay silent even after hacking into your account. After hacking in they would have access to all your important emails. So they could easily steal your personal info.

This guide will show you some ways to find if someone else had hacked into your account.

Account Activity Details

There is an option in Gmail that let you know your account’s activity. If you or someone else had accessed your system from anywhere on the world, it would log it. You can access it by scrolling to the bottom of your Gmail page and clicking on the [Details] link next to the Last account activity notifier.

If you see some unusual IP addresses in this list. You can know that your account has been hacked. If you don’t use POP or IMAP protocols to view your mails offline and you still see someone using those to access your mails, better diable POP and IMAP access. This can be done through the account settings.

Logout of all other sessions using the option provided to ensure that you are the only one using your account currently.

Email forwarding

Email forwarding lets automatically forward all your mails to a different email ID of yours. Many people don’t use this feature and a hacker might forward your emails to his/her own. So check your email forwarding options to know whether someone else is reading your mails.

If it is so then disable it.

If you find some unusual activity in your account, immediately change your account password, your security question, password recovery email id and the mobile number associated with your account. Be careful before allowing access to any third party softwares to your account.

Hope this guide helped you stay safe. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask us through the comments !