25 Interesting and Important Small Business Website Features

SEO for small business
If you own a business, then you must keep it in mind that 97% of customers search online for products and services. It is important to have a well-maintained website. Business owners often miss the basic points to implement for making a website great. The majority of website owners don’t know how to begin. Getting a website often sounds expensive, complicated, and technical, but in fact it is not. Well, in this article, we have tried to get the most important 25 essential elements that every small business website should have.



A phone number is perhaps the most basic information a website must have. According to studies it has been observed that 27% of small businesses do not have a contact phone number on their website. Try to put your phone number on every page, so that people can call you. This also adds faith in the minds of the people about your business.



It has been seen that a free email address often looks informal. Be sure to add the company URL address at the end. This will increase the authenticity when you send someone any email or message.



Mentioning your business hours can help a lot in managing traffic and customers. You can consider mentioning your work hours at the top and bottom of the pages. This feature allows visitors to manage their time and you can monitor the traffic easily. Visitors will also get the idea of your holidays from this.



Always mention the complete and registered address on your website. This will make visitors believe that they are contacting the genuine business. Mention the address at the bottom of every page.



Adding a map makes it much easier for people to locate where your business has been set up.

People will surely visit you if your business or shop is located near their home or office. You can even put directions to make things even easier.



A photograph is another trick to make it easier for people to locate and identify you. The photograph is a very easy yet effective tool that helps in marketing.  It always adds authenticity if the business address and premises looks appropriate, people will have no reservation doing business with you.



The majority of the customers today expect your business to have a Facebook page. It is better to get one that matches your Facebook page with your business URL. A recent study has reported that 70% of consumers aged 45 to 60 think a brand should be on Facebook and 95% of millennials expect a Facebook page. So it is need of the hour to link your Facebook page to the website.





What happens if your customers are not able to reach you over the phone? Your potential customers can go to your competitors if you are unable to attend them. To avoid this, include a contact form on your site. Make sure you give enough space to the users to write their queries. Once you get this make sure to answer these questions asap.



The second most visited page of any website is “About Us”. This page is should contain all the details about your company. Don’t take this page lightly, it should tell how this business has grown and how it can be trusted. You can include some of the items mentioned below on your About Us page.

  • Photographs and details of the owner
  • Brief history of the company
  • Pictures say a thousand words, try to include the pictures of work that you have completed successfully in the past.



There should be one page dedicated entirely to the services and product that you offer. You can include it so that people choose the best for them. You must keep in it the mind that your services are the whole reason why people will come to your site. Give detailed descriptions of services you provide and what you charge for them. It’s the best sales copy you can write.  A perfect example of a site with a great sales copy is this Immigration Solutions Singapore site.



Try to mention all the professional association that your company has. These could be government organizations or private enterprises. You can use the logo or images of these verifications and link them back to their sites. You can include credentials, associations, or certifications you have.



A logo is something that will make your website easily identifiable from others. It is easy for people to relate and remember logos and visuals rather than texts. You can design a logo yourself or get it designed from a professional at very cheap rate.



Customer reviews are extremely important and what best way than testimonial page to get them. If you have had people saying nice about your business, then you must include it on your site. If you have happy customers raving about your business, then you will surely benefit from it.



Web hosting is perhaps the most important feature when it comes to any website. A well-hosted website can help you in getting a more diversified business and more clients. A well-hosted website can improve business and enhance traffic on your website. Web hosting will add various advantages and improves the trustworthiness and integrity of your company. Having a well-hosted website can reduce the loss of revenue. It will also prevent a negative effect on SEO and protect from malware attacks. This will also help you in attracting more and more potential customers that will ultimately turn in great returns and revenue.  You can refer to Rose Hosting for more details about hosting. There are many good web hosting services available on the internet, but Rose Hosting offers the best shared, VPS or dedicated forms of hosting.
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SEO for small business


Include a “call to action”, at the top of each web page. At the very least, include your phone number or “Call me”, which is way better than forgetting a call to action.



Try to make your website as attractive and persuasive enough as possible. A step further to attract potential customers is to give them coupons, discounts, and incentives. You can also give them a free trial of your services with consultations.



Email marketing is indeed effective marketing tactic these days. Email sign-up form is a great way to create a list of potential customers. Adding the opt-in form to a website is easy, any good web designer or developer can do it in less than an hour.



SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also very important when it comes to websites. Good titles tags are useful in getting your website a high rank in the search engines. Try to include title tags on every page of your website with keywords that people might be looking for. And be sure to protect your original content with DMCA.com!
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A sweet and subtle meta description is indeed a blessing. A meta description creates two black lines of description copy in the search results. This a short way to describe your website similar to a sales copy. Meta description prompts invite people to visit your site.



Try to get a web address that is easy to remember and spell for the people. If possible, get a .com address rather than a .biz or .net address. Go for a good domain and address instead of looking for a cheap one. Getting a nice web address and hosting won’t cost you much.



There is no denying the fact that online customers are very impatient. You have high chances of losing customers if your website does not load fast. Try to make sure that each page loads as quickly as possible to improve the user experience.  This problem can be sorted out by choosing a good web host. But beyond that, you may need the help of a website developer or a designer.



Today majority of the traffic on websites comes from people on mobile devices. This is the biggest reason that your website should look and functions well on mobile and other devices. You should have a website that is compatible with all platforms and software. The interface should be friendly and easy to use. The text and other details should be clearly visible on the website.



There are many more features that can be included here but we have mentioned the important ones. The features here are perhaps more than enough for you to start your small business website. If you try and include these features your website will surely earn great revenue for you.


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