3 iPhone News You Shouldn’t Believe This Year

Many people who have used any of the Apple iPhone devices know what I am talking about that the smartphones are nice ones. Even a small kid can recognize it among other phones because of its smart and cool design and the perfect functionality it has over all other phones. The rate of people who are using iPhone device worldwide is far more than any other phone models worldwide. iPhone has become the number one phone brand that people love to have and even some group of people had been reported claiming they are ready to sacrifice their virginity in order to have it because of the crazy feature that the phone has. Last year, a boy was reported selling his kidney because he wanted to buy iPhone 4 and the iPad 2, why on earth will somebody sell off one of his kidney because of a phone? That question is hard to tell especially in a situation like this but Apple gadget users know how to answer that.


In this article, I shall be sharing with you three iPhone news or rumors you shouldn’t believe this year so that you won’t be giving yourself a false hope like how it happen last year when there are many rumours that iPhone 5 will be released which later brought to the release of iPhone 4S.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 That Apple will release iPhone 6[/stextbox]

Many people have been sharing across rumours and negative information that Apple will soon release iPhone 6 this year and I can assure you that it is a total bluff. Nothing is coming from apple this year that will resemble iPhone 6 rather the iPhone 5. The iphone 5 device is very certain this year because of Apple’s failure to released it at the WDDC last year.
So, if you have bought those lies, try to get rid of those beliefs now and focus on iPhone 5 instead.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 iPhone 4S Problems will be solved totally[/stextbox]

It is false! iPhone 4S personal assistance app, Siri is giving so many people some concerns because of its language detection problems and some others glitches recorded over the past few months. The app doesn’t work to the standard Apple said it will when it was launched with the iPhone 4S last year. And till present, the app is still having a lot of problems like  the one I covered on one of my blogs, Techatlast recently where the personal assistance software called a twelve year old boy “fuck —off, you ugly—“ with belief that the name of the boy was that. Though, the incident occurred in UK and the device presently is using the voice of a man instead of the female one it was using to respond in US. All of these are works that needed to be done by Apple developers that are in charge of the app in order to solve it and it is certain that there’s no way it will stop finally this year.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 iOS will overtake Google Android Again[/stextbox]

Google android is here to stay and nothing will ever move it to go down again even at this time when everyone on daily basis are buying android phones. So, you shouldn’t succumb to any pressure that iPhone will overtake android again this year because majority of the phones in the market runs on android while iOS only occupies Apple products.

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