3 New Features in Google Earth 6.2

The internet giant’s virtual global map has got updated again! As you read in the title, Google has recently come with a new version of the application, Google Earth 6.2, which comes with advanced features for handy and interesting usage. Google Earth 6.2 now allows seamless rendering of images, comes with a better search capability and also sharing of a map to your Google+ account is now made possible.


With Google+ launched around six months back, Google has been straining hard to makes interesting changes, that drive traffic to the newborn social networking site. After making the Google Search and Google+ a couple, Google has introduced the integration of Google+ in Google Earth. These newly added features are available both in the mobile version and the web version of the application. While Google Earth 6.2 comes with lots of new features, the most interesting thing is the Google Earth – Google+ integration. Let me begin with that.

[stextbox id=”info”]Three New Features[/stextbox]

  • With Google Earth 6.2 comes a new button at the top right, which lets you log into your Google account. Once logged in, you will get access to the sharing option that will help you share a screenshot of the current map to your Google+ account. If you have already upgraded to a Google+ account, you will have the capability to share the map with your circles. Google Earth also provides you the capability to add a description to the image in the Add a comment box available.
  • Google Earth 6.2 now features smooth rendering of the globe. While previous versions witnessed slow rendering of the map, with rectangular shaped images, Google Earth 6.2 loads the map very quick and also, the loaded map looks pretty cool with smooth structure. Check out this image, showing a picture of Sri Lanka with previous version of Google Earth and also with the new Google Earth 6.2
  • Also, the search box in the Google Earth 6.2 now comes with a auto complete feature. Google Earth users will find this new addition really handy, if they are prone to using the search box a lot for getting themselves landed in any place in this giant earth.

Have you downloaded this new version yet? If not, you gotta download this version very soon. With all these exciting features, it is pretty impossible for any Google lover to avoid this new version. Here is the download link for you. Hit the Download button very soon.

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Download the application from Google