3 Steps To Streamlined PDF Data Extraction

With the digital revolution taking place, technology has become an integral part of our lives. People are using online document storage services, browsing the internet for interesting stuff, compiling data, and by doing that they are actually digitizing their busy lives. One of the most widespread products of the digital era is the Portable Document Format, or better known as PDF. We use PDF because it is a practical, safe and a clever way to view documents on every device, without worrying about someone’s sneaky fingers editing it without our approval.

Since all good things have a downside, the PDFs weakness is that it’s not easily editable by default. Therefore, one of the first things that PDF enthusiasts invented was a software which enables users to convert and edit their PDFs. With that in mind, a lot of companies have created software solutions that can convert or edit PDF files, but only a few have tried to encompass all PDF management functions in one program.

One of those multifunctional programs is Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter. Besides being an all-inclusive tool (meaning that it can create, edit and convert PDF files from/to multiple sources), Able2Extract 9 also has an integrated OCR feature. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition – a technology which enables you to convert scanned and image files, therefore allowing you to accurately revise and edit PDF files regardless of their source.

The most precise way to edit your PDF file starts by first converting it to the desired file format, and then editing the file in the document source software.

You can do that by following these 3 steps:


Open Able2Extract 9 and click on the “Open” icon. Select your PDF file from the menu and click “OK“. You will see your document on the right with bookmarks on the left, which you can use to navigate more easily through your file.



Select the area you want to convert. Able2Extract 9 gives you the option of selecting a specific part of the document (which can come in handy when you want to export just one segment), or the whole document.



Pick the desired output file format. You can pick from the usual file types (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Image) to the less widespread AutoCAD, Publisher or HTML.



Being an advanced tool Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter offers a variety of other PDF management options to choose from, with an emphasis on the simple and accurate conversion process which makes PDF editing a walk in the park.