3 Lesser Known Dropbox Tips That You Would Love

Cloud services have always proved to be great tools that help people carry files and other stuff anywhere they go. With the emergence of these cloud services, the era of storage devices has finally come to an end. There are lots of cloud servies available out there and Dropbox, with amazing features, is just the best that does ultra cool jobs. If you aren’t on Dropbox yet, make sure to join it soon with this link. Using this link will ensure that you get an additional of 500MB free! 🙂 With these cloud services in hands, you can just drag and drop or use the right click context menu and upload the file in a jiffy! There are lots more Dropbox tips coming!


Dropbox is the best cloud storage service out there and alongside it brings an application for Windows, Mac and even the mobile devices, that can sync all the files across various computers and makes it available. Well, other cloud competitors SkyDrive and Google Drive, have come up with such applications too. Yet there are many features in Dropbox that still make it the best.

#1 Heard of Dropbox Cache Folder?

When you delete a file in your Dropbox account, the file gets deleted but you can recover it with real ease if you wanted to. A cached version of the deleted file gets stored in you Dropbox cache folder and if you ever wanted to recover it, you can do so. Instead of downloading the file again from the Dropbox servers, the application quickly recovers the file from the Dropbox cache folder and presents the original file to you.

But you ought to remember that the Dropbox cache folder is a hidden folder inside your Dropbox folder. So, whatever you delete gets cached and gets saved there and suck your hard drive space.

Once your hard drive gets filled up full, Dropbox won’t be able to sync files and in such times, clearing your Dropbox cache folder would prove to be a life saver. You can clear your Dropbox cache folder by heading to this location :

DropboxFolderLocation.dropbox.cache (or) C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingDropboxcache

Dropbox Cache Folder

The Dropbox cache folder opens up and you will be able to delete all those files to free up space in your hard disk drive. 🙂

#2 Moving your Dropbox Folder

There are times when your hard disk drive gets filled up and Dropbox won’t be able to sync your files anymore. Like I said earlier, you can make use of the cache clearing method to free up some space to sync more files to your computer.

Dropbox Preferences

But on the other hand, you can move your Dropbox folder to another location too. Yet another cool feature from Dropbox. To move your Dropbox folder to another location follow the following steps :

  • Right click the Dropbox icon on the system tray and click Preferences.
  • A box opens up and in that go to the Advanced tab and there lies a button named Move.
  • And now, you can select a location to put your Dropbox folder.

#3 Restoring the Public Folder

By default a folder named “Public” is given to all the Dropbox users. All the files and the sub folders in the “Public” folder can be shared to other Dropbox and even non-Dropbox users by sharing a small link. With the link in others hands, viewing or downloading the files and folders is possible.

But what if you accidentally delete the “Public” folder? No worries. You can easily restore within clicks. Log into your Dropbox account and click “Show deleted files” and there lies the “Public” folder in greyish color. Right click it and hit “Restore“.

Restore Public Folder

Alternatively, you can create a new folder on your own and name it as “Public” and with Dropbox’s amazing algorithm, the newly created folder automatically gets the features of the original “Public” folder. 🙂

Note : I came across a notice from Dropbox saying that the accounts created after July 31, 2012 won’t be having a “Public” folder. Thought you might like to have a dig at it – https://www.dropbox.com/help/16/en

What do you think about these tips? Pretty useful, right? Are you a Dropbox freak? If yes, make sure to share more Dropbox tips with us below in the comments section. If you aren’t on Dropbox, join right now with this link. You will get an additional 500MB free! 🙂