4 Handy Googling Features For You

Google is the only place out there for our needs when it comes to internet. Google has been in help to me in anyway it can. When you want to search up something in the internet, Google is the best place for that. Until now, what have you done with Google Search? Search? You might be aware of only searching contents on the web with this search giant but there are a lot of things this giant can actually do.


Here, as the title said, I bring 4 handy tricks / features you can use in the Google search.

[stextbox id=”info”]Search Box as Calculator[/stextbox]

I am sure most of the Google users out there were never aware that Google can solve calculations for them. Want to get the solution for a mathematical equation. Just dump the equation in the search box and Google will return the answer for you. You can use the basic mathematical operators like +, -, *, / to solve your problem.

Try : Click here to see how Google solves 5 + 2


[stextbox id=”info”]Use Search Box to check the Weather Forecast[/stextbox]

So you want to check the weather forecast of a particular place in this world and have no idea where to check? Google will help you with that. Just type “Weather XXX” where XXX refers to the place where you want to check the weather. Google will show the weather forecast for the next three days in addition with the present day’s forecast.

Try : Weather forecast in Madurai

It’s the same with checking time. Just type “Time [Place]” to check the time in that place.

[stextbox id=”info”]Use Search Box for Conversion[/stextbox]

Did you ever know that Google can convert one system of units to another system? Well if not, you will know get to know now. For example, you can convert “55 inches” to “cms” by entering “55 inches in cms” in the search box. Replace the number and unit to convert something else.

Try : 10 inches in cms

[stextbox id=”info”]e-Dictionary[/stextbox]

Google has got the talent to define words too. Just type “Define [Word]” and Google will define the word for you. When I hit “Define blog” in Google, it reverted me with the meaning of blog both in terms of verb and noun. Just check out the link below to see.

Try : Google defines blog

That’s it. Google is not only the search giant but also a giant in helping us. Did you try out all the above features? There are a lot more features in Google Search. Check them all at Search Features. Do drop in your comments below. And also make sure to share this post with your friends. They too would want to have the fun, right?