A 4″ Inch iPhone 5 Coming This Summer

While there have been many rumors running in this giant web, highlighting the launch of the upcoming fifth generation iPhone, iPhone 5, a recent news from 9to5Mac has confirmed the launch date of this brand new, highly anticipated iPhone. According to sources, 9to5Mac says that a source close to the company, based in China, and called Foxconn, has confirmed the launch of the iPhone 5 to be this summer.


According to the reports, the iPhone 5 is set to have a big screen, almost 4″ inch and this smartphone is set to launch in the summer of the year 2012. As of now, Apple is gearing for the production of this new iPhone 5. This iPhone 5 is in the production stage and there have been lots of models, waiting to get one finalized. In spite of Apple’s efforts to keep the model devices safe, many of the models have already been spreading through hands. Once Apple comes with one confirmed model, it will start it’s production and in a matter of time, the Apple fans get a chance to lay their pretty hands on the cool looking stylish iPhone 5.

Also, according to the tipster, all the models are of the same thickness and this iPhone 5 is confirmed to come in 4″ inch or more. With a wider screen, Apple gives the users a better way to use the device. Also, as rumored earlier, this iPhone 5 will not have the tear drop design. Apple has taken utmost efforts to make iPhone 5’s design unique and it is confirmed that this new mobile looks neither like iPhone 4 or the latest released, iPhone 4S.

Earlier, Apple launched the iPhone 4S, previously called the iPhone 5 by the fans. But to the fans’ disappointment Apple came up only with iPhone 4S. But as of now, iPhone 5 is confirmed.

What’s your thought guys? Will this iPhone 5, so called, feature a big, wider, 4″ inch screen and come in the summer of the year 2012 as reports say? Do drop in your comments.