4 Major Reasons Why Pinterest Works

It’s been a few days since Pinterest has been making ground breaking records in the social networking niche. For the past month or so, Pinterest’s traffic stats have been rocketing off really fast. Too fast indeed. As of now, Pinterest has come below the hundredth ranker in terms of Alexa. Pinterest, if known to you, is a social networking site focusing mainly on pictures. Unlike any other social networking site, this one allows users only to Pin (so they call) pictures. Also, videos.


So, what made Pinterest work well now? A few people quote the fact that it’s the integration with Facebook that set off Pinterest to secure the top place in the niche. Yeah, I too agree with them. In fact that’s the thing that features the first reason of the above mentioned title. The addition of the Pinterest application to the Facebook site drove insanely lots of traffic to Pinterest. Wanna know more about Pinterest’s success? Scroll down to see the four reasons why Pinterest’s success is growing way too fast.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 Integration with Facebook and Twitter[/stextbox]

While Facebook and Twitter prove to be big competitors, Pinterest doesn’t care anything about it and has their social sharing buttons enabled on it’s site. With those buttons on, it is possible for the Pinterest visitors to share useful content with their fellow mates on Facebook or Twitter. Sharing on other social networking sites has proved to be really effective in driving traffic to Pinterest. This is one of those reasons for the success that Pinterest is witnessing right now.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 No Public Registration – Invite Only[/stextbox]

As of now Pinterest allows users to join the site only when they are seen to be having an invite in their hands. The invitation must be from an existing Pinterest user. With this option enabled, Pinterest confirms that only active users stay on the site, only those who love photos or pictures. If it opens registration to the public, all kinds of people might join the site, which makes you believe that it is a necessary option for a social networking site.

But such a kind of option will take Pinterest only down. The invite only registration makes sure that only active Pinterest users stay on the site. Thus no fake accounts or accounts with not much updates are created on the site.

If you are a big fan of photos or pictures and wanna share them with your online buddies, Pinterest is the site for you. Not yet on Pinterest? We here at Axleration are giving out free invites to join the site. Just drop in your email id either in Facebook or Google+. Within a period of time, our staff will make sure to drop in an invite in your mail box. Hurry!

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Only Photos and Videos – No Other Junk[/stextbox]

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all those other major social networking sites have already witnessed it’s users’ sharing lots of content on the site. Be it media or posts or links, Facebook proves to be the big city out there. But it’s not the same case with Pinterest. Since it’s emergence in 2010, Pinterest has allowed sharing of only photos. Well, it has added the sharing of videos too. It doesn’t let users to share any other junk.

While photographers and photo lovers want only photos to be seen the most in your social media feed, Pinterest gives them the option. This sets a great deal of power for Pinterest’s success in the social media niche. You might have noticed that videos play an important role too. Users can easily share popular, lovely, interesting videos from the popular video sharing sites like YouTube.

[stextbox id=”info”]#4 Best User Interface – What the People Want[/stextbox]

It is nearly impossible not mentioning this as a reason for Pinterest’s success. If you might have created an account in Yahoo’s Flickr, you would have noticed that the photos represent a small section of the page while the photo’s information and other text form the larger portion. This irritated lots of users.

On the other hand, Pinterest’s User Interface is ultra cool with big images right in the homepage. The homepage shows a collection of photos in random sizes, be it vertical or horizontal. The screen itself shows a big image which makes it easier for the users to see the content, rather than clicking the ‘Pin’ to see the photo in a bigger size.

Feeling a little jealous of this ultra cool User Interface, Yahoo recently announced the revamping of the User Interface of Flickr, giving users what they want. From tomorrow, that’s from February 28, users can see bigger images and small white spaces in Flickr too, making the competition between them more serious.

Do you think Pinterest is actually on the way to the top in the niche. Do take a look at this infographic hinting the latest statistics of this giant, Pinterest. Make sure to share your thoughts with us after finishing to take a look at the lovely infographic.