4 Reasons Why You Need a Portfolio Website

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Portfolio and personal websites are the new resume. Especially if you’re a graphic designer. It doesn’t matter what you do – a personal website is a more accessible form of a resume. Some companies today don’t even ask for a resume, they will ask you for your portfolio website or they will find it themselves. A website is also a nice addition to your resume. If you don’t already have your own portfolio website, these 4 reasons should convince you to make one:

1. It’s easy to Build your own Website

Now that you have lots of tools and templates available at a click of a button, you can have your own portfolio website in a matter of minutes. You don’t even need to have a professional background in web development, you just need to do a bit of research and read a few tutorials. In short – you need to get a quality hosting, install a CMS and modify a template to fit your style. Be sure to choose a hosting that has 24/7 support like RoseHosting in case you need any help with your website. You need a good host for your website to be fast and online 100% of the time. What kind of an impression are you going to leave if someone opens up your website and has to wait for 10 seconds for it to load? Or even worse – if it doesn’t load at all. When it comes to choosing a CMS, there are hundreds of them that could do the job.

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One of the most popular is WordPress. It’s used by more than 60 million people around the world. WordPress is a platform which will help you to create your first portfolio website within hours. There are thousands of plugins and themes available so you can easily transform your portfolio website into something that you have imagined. Even if you are a first-time WordPress user you will find it easy to use the platform for creating a personal website. Moreover, WordPress has an online manual which will help you learn the basics as well as become an expert WordPress user.

2. It’s more appealing

The resume is old-fashioned. No matter how much you make it look different or how good you design it, it’s still a resume. Having a website is far more appealing than any form of a resume. With a website, you have more space to present yourself and your creative side. For an even more interesting website, we recommend getting one of the new TLDs like .reviews or .website instead of the usual .com. You can get creative with those domains, use them to make an impression even before they open your website. Are you a movie critic? Then choose something like: iWriteFilm.reviews. To make the website more attractive you can add graphics to it. Here are few tips about how to make your personal website more interesting to the people who are visiting it:

  • Add graphics that fit the style and purpose of your website. Think carefully about what images you are going to add to your website. Otherwise, it could have a negative effect to your entire project.
  • Do not add large files. It will increase the website’s load time. Small file sizes = faster website = happier visitors. Therefore, crop or scale the image you’d like to add to your website and use a plugin for image optimization.

3. Your website is more personal

You choose what to have on your own website. You don’t have to follow any professional standards for a resume. You can use your sense of humor, you can share your thoughts on your blog, you can show your work live through real-world examples and media. On a resume, everything is static and for informational purposes only. But on a personal website, everything is dynamic and interactive. One recommendation is to create a beautiful landing page and to add a gorgeous photo of yourself on the landing page. You can even include a short bio as well as contact information like email addresses or social profiles on your landing page and the website will look more professional and will attract more readers.

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4.  A portfolio website finds work for you

People can find your website without you telling them. They can find you even better if you design it properly and include professional marketing services. You’ll be surprised how many people have found a job through their personal website without even looking for one. It is very important to highlight your accomplishments and the projects you have worked on so people can see what you are able to do and what skills you have.  Of course, keep this part of your personal website up to date because people will like to come back to your website and check on what projects you are working on at the moment.

Why You Need a Portfolio Website

These 4 reasons should be enough for you to start a personal portfolio website. If you already know how to and you haven’t, trust us – you really need to do it. Even if you don’t know how to do it, there are so many tutorials and available help from others that you’ll have no problem making a portfolio website. For example, if you decide to use WordPress as a platform for your personal website, you can read the documentation or some online tutorials about how to get started. Or, if you have problems with something more specific you can contact the WordPress community through the forum. There are many  active members and some will surely reply with a solution to your problem in no time. There’s online help for the other content management systems too so if you use a CMS other than WordPress you can contact the respective community for that CMS.

You can always hire a professional service to create a personal or business website.  We really like “A Better Website” for professional and personal service, no matter what your individual requirements.


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