4 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start a Technology Blog

These days, blogging is not a thing that one seems to be new to. There are lots of blog niches that one can choose to blog about but it’s those technology blogs that steal the title. Technology blogs have been awesome for ages and continue to be. If you ever wanted to start a blog and consider to proceed with an ultra cool technology blog, here are few things that you must keep in mind before starting that blog.


#1 Select a Suitable Sub-Niche

As we mentioned, technology is a really big term. The word is applicable to every thing that changes from one stage to it’s cool next stage. Gadgets, Social Media, Space technologies and lot more are out there that come under the banner technology. And hence, it is really better if you wish to blog about a particular sub niche rather than choosing the entire technology space. On the other hand, you can, provided you have all the hope that you will be able to work well with it. But beware, the readers won’t find it pretty good to see all the things dumped together in a single place.

If you happen to be a mobile freak, it would be really great if you choose to blog about the latest gadgets out there in the markets, their prices and their specifications. Blogging is all about sharing things. If you are not quite sure whether the specifications of a mobile that you came across, you can blog about it, no matter what the readers might think. But make sure to add a relevant title to the post. Alternatively if you are an expert with televisions and such stuff, blog about them.

To put thing simpler, it’s all the sub-niche that matters. Make sure to blog on a particular sub-niche rather than dumping the full contents in a single blog.

#2 A Relevant Domain Name, Please.

Domain names form an integral part of blogging. If you are about to start a blog, any niche blog, with your name, I would probably ask you to avoid that! When you choose to blog with your name, that will be a total waste. The domain name must be catchy and easy to remember. Also, make sure to choose a domain name with a keyword that suits your blog’s niche. That will optimize your blog for search engines and make it easier to drive good traffic to your site.

#3 Review Gadgets and Discover New Stuff in Social Media

Let us consider that you are blogging at a internet and gadgets blog. Whenever a new gadget hits the market, it must be that you happen to be one of those first guys to review the device and blog about it. People love smartphones like craze these days and there are lots and lots of searches on the web these days for ultra cool mobile devices. If you happen to review a great gadget and blog about it, wonder how much traffic will surge to your website. Cool, right?

And also, if you are running a blog focusing on social media like Mashable, you must be one who loves to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as much as I do. The more you play with them, the more you discover and the more you get to blog about them. 🙂

#4 Market Well and Create a Presence on Social Media Sites

When it comes to blogging, most of the bloggers are generally obsessed with the idea of getting massive traffic to their blogs in a small time. And to achieve that search engines have proved to be really great and so do the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The thing is that you ought to create Pages on Facebook for your blogs and a separate account for your blog on Twitter.  That will prove to be helpful to your readers to stay tuned to your daily updates.

Few Extra Things :

I assure you that if you happen to remember those above things and work on them, your blog will be getting a really great place on the blogosphere and that will help you to rock your life. Also, you would like to follow these additional tips that my friends suggested.

  1. Update Daily : The flow of tech news and news related to technology is really fast and hence you ought to prepare to work hard to get a better ranking.
  2. Writing Skills : Applicable to all types of blogs, it is really great to use simple and easy words that will help your readers to understand the underlying concept of a particular post with ease.
  3. Infographics : Heard of them? Infographics are graphical representations of information that certain people love to make. There are lots of infographics out there and if you come across any infographic related to technology, make sure to add that to your blog and also give credits to the original maker.