4 Ways to Speed Up PC Gaming

New technologies keep coming everyday, and computer hardware which you have now, would be outdated within 6 months. So if you are owning a old PC, it would be a difficult time for you to play Games using it. You cannot play certain games if you can’t meet their minimum system requirements.


There are a few games, whose system requirements matches yours but still you’ll not be able to play the game smoothly. This is because your PC is not functioning at its full capacity. So, how can you utilize your PC to its maximum extent and Play games super fast ? This guide will help you.

Here are four basic tips, that would help you speed up your computer for better gaming experience.

1. Use Minimum graphic details

In your game, lowering the graphic details won’t reduce your gaming experience, but would reduce the load on your video card. Lowering shader(shadow) settings would free up a lot of video memory. Lowering the resolution basically fastens your gameplay.

2. Update drivers

Though you have the latest hardware, it cannot function at its full potential unless you upgrade it with the latest drivers. You could upgrade your hardware’s driver software with the latest one directly from the manufacturers site.

3. Close background programs

Closing all other programs while playing a game would free up a lot of RAM space which in turn would improve your gaming experience. End only the unnecessary processes. Don’t get too enthusiastic and end vital system processes and get into trouble. You can simple use the task manager to kill unnecessarily running programs.

4. Use Game optimizers

Using game optimizers like Game booster, Game Fire etc… will definitely improve your gaming experience by helping you to Defragment game files, Tweaking your PC for top performance, Tune-up game settings, update drivers and a lot more.

Hope this guide helped you to improve your PC’s performance and helped you enjoy better gaming performance from your system. Feel free to share your experiences with us.