4G Technology and The Phones of The Future

The greatest tech brainiacs around the world are now constantly working on the evolution of the most expected 4G Technology. This radio defined technology mainly concentrates on Security aspects and makes an attempt to eliminate the stumbling blocks of 3G technology. This technology can increase the download rates upto 1000mbps . The Hybrid technology used in 3G is replaced with OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) which is a vast improvement over TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access).


CDMA sends Data through one channel with the division of time in three slots or by identifying the receiver with a code. Where as OFDMA sends data by dividing the channel into many narrow bands for greater efficiency.

China’s 4G network under construction:

China after obtaining the approval from MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) has begun the construction of its magnificent 4G network. Leading Chinese technocrats have told press that China’s 4G network is 50 times more efficient than its predecessor –  3G. China Mobile (a Chinese mobile company) has signed contracts with 9 international telecom carriers and is planning to setup 27 4G global networks.

Premature fruits of 4G tech.

Though 4G technology has not evolved completely, many mobile manufacturers around the world have started to manufacture phones with basic features of 4G technology. Let us have a slight glance on them:

Samsung 4G LTE/ Samsung Droid Charge:


The white curtains just lifted here at the Samsung booth at CES to unveil the Samsung Droid. This Verizon LTE-ready beast touts a Super AMOLED Plus display, runs Android 2.2 with TouchWiz and features a front-facing cam. On the rear it’s got an 8 megapixel auto-focus shooter and mini HDMI on the hip.

HTC Inspire 4G:

AT&T has been broadening its hemispheres with power packed Android models for 2011, and the HTC Inspire 4G is one of its primary contenders within the carrier-wide Wireless Battle. The HTC Inspire 4G is not only capable of AT&T’s latest HSPA+ speeds, but its HTC Sense UI and Android 2.2 interface ranks on the top of the totem pole at this point on smartphone timeline. It also flaunts an 8-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and rocks a generous 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen. The latest HTC high-end Android phone is an architectural divergence from the sheep herd of mundane smartphones on the market today, and is stocked with lots of memory for games or applications from the Android Market.


Motorola ATRIX 4G:

Its Amazing 4G features, gives us an illusion that we are working with Laptops and not with mobile. It delivers computing power and instant connectivity to the internet. Its MOTOBLUR feature (handy widgets) provides facilities than the expected. Its better bluetooth and headset performance, finger-print reader technology and high battery life makes it unique in the market.

Final words from the author:

4G which was considered to be a dream, is becoming a reality. Its flabbergasting features will definitely take the world a step up. Yet, this technology has got certain drawbacks in terms of speed, efficiency. Let us hope that the greatest technicians around the world make dramatic changes and eliminate the shortcoming of 3G in 4G.

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