5 Alarm Clock Apps for Android

The default Alarm clock app in Android is simple. It lets you add unlimited number of alarms and lets you do a few customizations. But it is not something you can say out of the box. Alarm clocks do a simple job of waking you up and there are hundreds of apps for the same purpose in the Google Play store.

However we’ve listed a few alarm clock apps, which are really unique and has several advanced functionalities added to them. Read below to know more on those.

Alarm Clock Apps for Android

#1 Alarm Clock Plus

It is the most downloaded alarm clock app in Google play store. It comes with a huge number of features and yet it is simple to use. It can play songs, playlists, start an app as alarm. It has Math alarm clocks which requires you to solve a problem to snooze. It is highly customizable and is free, however the paid version can wake you with no ads.


#2 Alarm Clock Xtreme

A good alternative to Alarm clock plus if you didn’t like it for some odd reasons. It comes with most of the features of alarm clock plus, it also has some nifty looking widgets. And again, the free version is supported by ads.

#3 RingDimmer

RingDimmer is not actually an alarm app. However it listens to the environment around you and decides how loud your ringtone should be and as it is, it also decides the volume of alarm sounds. It is like an addon to your default app, so that you don’t over sleep if it is a bit noisy outside.

 #4 Winter Wake-Up

It has a innovative new use. It does the regular alarm clock things and also keeps an eye on the weather in your place and wakes you up early if there is frost or snow outside. You can customize how early it should wake you up in case of this extreme weathers so that you don’t lose some precious time in defrosting your car.

#5 Senti Wayk

Senti Wayk calls itself a revolutionary alarm clock. It snoozes if you wave over your phone, accepts voice commands. Push starts your morning with Google calendar entries and news for the day. It doesn’t wake you by startling you with banging noise. It wakes you up gently and starts your day pleasantly and it is definitely not for lazy bones, you’ll be waving your hands over your phone and be sleeping for hours.

Update: Peter, a reader at Axleration mentioned an app named Lazy alarm in the comments, Lazy Alarm is a fun to use app. All you have to do is, set up the alarm and sleep. When you wake up, you’ll be given the task of waking up a bunny and it ain’t that easy. You need to pull it’s ears and open it’s eyes to wake it up, your actions will fill a blue bar above the bunny and when it is filled, your bunny will wake up and by that time, you would’ve woke up too ! Nice share Peter ! 🙂

Thats it for the list of alarm clock apps for your android phone. There are still loads more in the play store. We’ll come up with some more interesting ones in the future.

If you’ve got an interesting alarm clock app, let us know through the comments, and we would add it here. If you’ve tried any of these apps mentioned above, share your experiences ! 🙂