5 Best Karaoke Apps for Android

Karaoke means, as Wikipedia explains, “A form of entertainment, offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns singing popular songs into a microphone over prerecorded backing tracks.” With the advancement of smartphones, it is not necessary that we go to bars to get this kind of entertainment.

There are numerous apps, that let you sing along with the song as it plays by showing you the lyrics. Let us see a bunch of the best Karaoke apps for android.

#1 TuneWiki

If you want to get lyrics for your favorite music, then Tunewiki is probably the best Android app that you can use. This is one of the few apps which has the support for multilanguage. You can share your favorite music with your friends and can also check the music shared by them. But the thing which makes it best app, is the support to convert the lyrics of your favorite music into almost 40 languages.

#2 Red Karaoke 

If you are in the mood of party, then Red Karaoke is the app you need. You can stay updated with latest releases from your favorite artists. This app also give you the chance to be artist yourself as you can record your own song. Not only this you can also put your favorite movie as the background movie for your recorded song. You can do all this free of cost and if you want to get access to 45000 songs database, then you can go for VIP membership as well.


#3 Karaoke-Sing Me

The app with the support of many basic as well advance karaoke formats is on no. 3. If you want to turn your Android smartphone into portable Karaoke player, then this is the app made for you. Like many other apps, this app also comes in both free as well as paid format. To use this app you just need to download and you will get free access to its basic features within seconds.

#4 Sing Sing Together Free

It can be named as Karaoke app for kids as well. This app is perfect to teach singing to your kids. This app teaches your kids in a very friendly way and also points out their mistakes in singing. This app also comes preloaded with songs for kids that keep them interested in it and meanwhile they learn the art of singing.

#5 4lyrics Lite

Wanna play Mp3 and synchronize the lyrics? Then this app surely deserves the space on your Android. This app comes with the features that you find in good MP3 player. While playing the song, this app synchronize the lyrics and then displays it on the screen allowing you to sing along with the song. Also because of the support of many different languages. you can translate the lyrics any language of your choice.

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