5 Best RapidShare Search Engines

RapidShare is one of the largest file sharing services in the world. It lets us upload and share files with our friends and co-workers. RapidShare does not provide a search engine that allows us to search the files uploaded by others. However we can search the files in RapidShare using certain 3rd party search engines.


I have listed a few RapidShare search engines here, which are capable of searching the files uploaded at RapidShare. This will be of great help to those who are searching file in RapidShare. Take a look at the list below.


FilesTube allows you to search files in RapidShare and many other file hosting services. It has a similar interface to that of Google. Using FilesTube is very easy.

You have many advanced options as well in FilesTube, such as searching for only specific type of files like .MP3 or.PDF, Search suggestions, Sorting filters and many more.


RapidLibrary displays a huge list of recently searched terms in its homepage. You can use it to speed up your search. Else you can use the search box to search what you are looking for. It searches only RapidShare.

RapidLibrary has many options like Search suggestions, tags, sorting options and much more.


Filecrop lets you search in RapidShare, Hotlfile and MegaUpload. It lists a small list of  recently searched terms and has basic sorting capabilities in the results page.

The Interface is very easy to use. It also lets you select the size of the file you are searching for, this will be of great help for users who have a slow internet connection. You can wait for your download via Filecrop.


Rapid search engine is specialized in searching RapdiShare files. The interface is damn neat and easy to use. It has some advanced options too.

When you search for a term, this search engine displays the most relevant results. It shows how big the file is and other informations like that.


Rapidosearch uses the Google custom search engine to search in RapidShare. But it is not as efficient as the other search engines. It also allows us to search in the web.

Hope you liked the list. Share your thoughts with us after trying these search engines.

Note: These sites may let you download Adult and Copyrighted material. Please be careful since this is considered illegal in certain countries.