5 Cool Uses of BlackBerry Messenger

Ask BlackBerry users why it is that they have refused to follow the trend towards iPhone and Android phones and one of their likely responses is, “BBM.” BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, is the company’s proprietary instant messaging service, connecting BlackBerry users to other BlackBerry users. It has some very obvious uses. BBM is the best in its class and many OEM’s have tried to emulate it and failed.


BBM has long been the selling point for BlackBerry, aside from its “special abilities” to help business people on the go. With Blackberry trying to bring Android apps to its platform, this BlackBerry exclusice app is one big jewel in its crown.

Aside from the standard instant messaging, you can use BBM for business or entertainment. Here’s five cool (and useful) uses for BlackBerry.com instant messaging:

  1. Many BlackBerry Apps have a social feature to them, allowing you to integrate BlackBerry Messenger into those apps, turning your phone into a social playground just for your BlackBerry friends. Social apps include Foursquare, so you can see where your friend is all the time — not that you’re stalking them or anything.
  2. If you’ve mastered being social with your contact, you can move on to playing games. Literally. There are several games that can be played over BBM, including Connect Four, Reversi, and Battles.
  3. Because BBM uses a data connection instead of cellular or text, international communication becomes easier and practically free. And phone bills become smaller, lighter and less headache inducing.
  4. You don’t have to wonder if you got your point across because BBM lets you know when your message is delivered, if it’s been viewed, and when the recipient is typing back.
  5. If you’re listening to tunes on the BlackBerry media player, you can set the song you’re listening to as your status on BBM, letting friends and loved ones know without asking if you’re “Walking on Sunshine” or if you’ve got “Friends in Low Places.”

Are you a BlackBerry user ? If so, share your experiences using the BBM with us. 🙂