5 Effective SEO Tips to Drive Tons of Traffic

SEO Tips
Your Blog must have an impressive reputation among readers! People need be talking about the blog as a useful resource or as an authority about the subject. To achieve these goals, you cannot do anything without having good amount of traffic to your site/blog. It’s not just for the revenue, but also for extended growth. Of course, quality content and dedication can bring you good amount of traffic to the blog. But there are some SEO Tips that can be used to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

In this article, we will talk about the five effective SEO Tips to drive traffic. You’ll not have breath-taking results from the first day, but you will see improvements over the course of time. So, make sure that you’re implementing at least a few of these SEO Tips on the sites you manage. Shall we start with the tips, then?

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#1 – Essential SEO Auditing

Fully-fledged Search Engine Optimization Auditing is necessary for almost all blogs. This is particularly useful if you haven’t put much effort on SEO in the beginning. SEO Auditing means the complete analysis of the blog to detect any areas with room for improvement. The Audit will also take into consideration the performance of your blog in Search Engine Result Pages. It considers a bunch of factors for a determination of your blog’s current SEO status. For instance, website loading time, broken links, XML Sitemap, Search Engine friendliness all need to be considered in the audit. In simple words, an SEO Audit is helping you to enhance your blog’s presence in SERPs. That way, you can gain more organic traffic to the content you publish. Needless to say, this is one hell of an effective way to drive tons of traffic to the blog.

#2 — Have Better Page Loading Time

As we said, Page Loading Time is an important factor that affects your blog’s Search Engine visibility. In case if you haven’t noticed, Google is now considering the Page Speed before ranking certain webpages or blog posts. So, as an effective way to get more traffic, you should decrease the page loading speed as much as possible. To know about the current loading speed of your blog, you can use the Page Insights tool from Google. Depending on the response times you get, you can improve the speed too. There are some other methods you can use to have better Page Loading Time. If you are using WordPress, you should limit the use of heavy plugins. Or if you are looking to start your own WordPress website, here is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins to use.  Also, you can try shifting to a better web hosting provider or use a plugin for cache management. In addition, you should go for minimal designs instead of those heavy designs that are loaded with graphics or animations.

#3 — Learn from Your Competitors

Depending on the niche you are in, your blog will have small or larger number of competitors on the World Wide Web. And, it is between these competitors that Search Engine Result Pages matter.  So, before you make changes to the blog, it’s good to learn from the major competitors out there. For instance, suppose you are running a blog about Digital Marketing or Blogging. Then, you should consider any of the trusted popular blogs to know about the current trends. There’s a bunch of tools you can use for analyzing competitor sites, such as Moz, SEMRush etc. Also, you can use dedicated tools for analyzing keywords and SERP status. Regardless of the tool you use; you should have a clear idea about the winning formula on these competing sites.

#4 — Build and Publish Quality Content

You should never ever compromise when it comes to quality of the content you publish. As you know, Google is updating its algorithms day by day to bring the best content to SERPs. Accordingly, you should make changes to the writing styles, quality and optimization methods. For instance, you must not stuff in a bunch of keywords like the bad old days. Currently, Google is focusing on entities instead of verbal keywords. In the same way, there are Rich Answers and other snippets to get most appropriate results in front of users. So, you need to make sure that your content is quality-rich, resourceful and worth reading. By the way, before you confirm a topic to write about, you should consider the popularity of the topic and your Keyword Research hypothesis.And be sure to protect your original content with DMCA.com!
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#5 — Social Media Optimization for Blogs

SEO TipsFor blogs, we need a subtle form of Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is not just about sharing the links in social media profiles that you may have, such as Facebook Pages or Twitter profiles. On the other hand, SMO should be there from the preparation stage of posts. For example, you need to select a title that people would love to click. No, no, we are not talking about link baits here. In fact, you should refrain from using link baits, because Facebook and Google have turned against this non-ethical way of traffic gathering. However, you can use interesting titles and phrases, according to user psychology. You’d find it awesome to include the word ‘Easy’ or ‘Free’ in the blog post or to omit certain usages from the scene. Similarly, in the case of sharing, you should be pretty attentive. Make sure that you are sharing the content to the community that will love that particular type of content. What’s more, if you are into paid Social Media Marketing, you should know the user-sentiments before acting.

So, we have discussed the 5 Effective SEO Tips to drive Tons of Traffic. As we said, these techniques are long-term ones, meaning that you need to wait to see the results. Even then, after a few weeks attention and preparation, you may begin to see better traffic results.


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