5 Free iPod Touch Texting Apps

You cannot use the iPod touch as a phone. Actually it has almost everything like the iPhone except for the phone part. But that doesn’t actually prevent as from using the iPod touch to send and receive text messages. There are numerous apps for the iPod touch, that lets you send and receive text messages.


These Apps, assign you a “Phone Number” which you can use to send  and receive text messages. But Almost all these apps display advertisements. But that won’t bother as much since they lets us send unlimited texts for free. There are many apps that do this, but I have listed only the 5 best and free ones.

You need a Wi-Fi Connection to use this apps. Take a look at this list of 5 Free iPod Touch Texting apps.

1. textPlus

The popular textPlus app provides you with free unlimited texting on your iPod touch by giving you, your own phone number that you can share with your friends and family. This advertisement supported texting app comes with group texting too, so you can send a single message to many people.

Another important feature of textPlus is push notifications. You won’t miss a message with this. You can send messages to phones on most major carriers.

[Download Link]

2. TextFree Unlimited

Similar to the textPlus app, TextFree Unlimited  assigns you with a  phone number that you can give to your friends and family. TextFree Unlimited requires a Wi-Fi connection, you can send unlimited texts from your iPod touch to cell phones.

You can receive your texts even if the application isn’t open, since it comes wit Push Notifications TextFree Unlimited comes with ads too.

[Download Link]

3. TextNow

TextNow texting app works similar to the other iPod touch texting apps. You get a Phone number and unlimited texting for which you need to see some ads. If you don’t like those ads, you can subscribe for an US$5.99 subscription for a year.

TextNow comes with a good amount of customization, like adding custom wallpaper, uploading thumbnail photos and even sharing your numbers in Social Networks.

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4. Brightkite Group Text

This app is mainly for those who send messages to group of people. The Brightkite Group Text app helps you to do just the same. It lets you send one message to up to 25 people, and since the app syncs with your contact list, sending texts to many people becomes easy.

Like the previous apps, this one doesn’t assign you a phone number. Your friends can reply to your messages but they can’t initiate a message to you unless they have the Brightkite app in and find you in their friends section.

[Download Link]

5. Textie Messaging

Textie Messaging is different from other  iPod Touch texting apps, instead of providing you with a phone number, this app uses your email id for texting. When the recipient receives your text message, in the from line, your email id will be displayed.

You can still receive messages right to the app. Textie Messaging also supports Push Notifications and Group Texting too.

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Note: These apps can be used in your iPhone too.

Try These apps and share your your experiences with us ! Happy Texting !