5 Best iPhone 5 Games for Your Gaming Pleasure

When you have a Smartphone as extravagant as iPhone 5, it is quite natural to expect great gaming experience. But you also need to download and install the very best games to get the best out of your phone. Speed, graphics, plot- all of these contribute to the overall experience of gaming. So here are five carefully selected games that can be considered best in all respects.

Magic 2013

Originally released for iPad, iPhone 5 will also be supporting Magic 2013. Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 may not have an entirely innovative story behind it, but as a card game, it certainly is quite novel. It has statistics-tracking for your game play. There are 3 decks of 5 unlockable cards each, 4 deadly opponents like Planeswalker Garruck Wildspeaker and the opportunity to test your skills against preset AI strategies.

SQUIDS Wild West

You know a $0.99 game is special when Gamezebo says it “could sell for $35 on the 3DS and it wouldn’t be out of place…” It consists of a brand new chapter of the quirky and entertaining SQUIDS saga. A unique mix of RPG and turn-based tactics, it has caught interest of users of all ages. The controls are absurdly simple and you can recruit and army of over 12 playable characters.

WarGames: WOPR

While playing WOPR, you’ll often have to remind yourself that it is indeed a game and not a movie of the 1980s. With voiceovers, references the movie-based games has recaptured fancy of old fans and amassed new fan base for itself. There are four tile types- you have to drag your finger through tiles of same type and make a chain. Tactics are items you can deploy in your fight with the enemy. There are 12 unique tactics and all of them have 6 upgradable levels.

Autumn Dynasty

This is one of those games that will interest you by its surprisingly well thought out storyline. The publishers have given a detailed summary of the plot involving the Autumn Empire, barbarians, the legend of the Thousand Sun Weapon and sorts of royal

complexities. A traditional Chinese painting becomes your battleground as you paint battle plans on the map, using simple but engaging gesture control.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Improved graphics, multiplayer gameplay with an array of 60 different cars and 15 tracks- the latest edition of our favorite mobile racing game is a treat. The multi-player compatibility has helped the game rise to different heights as media and players all across the world gave it raving reviews.

Apart from these, some games like Little Things Forever, Mega Run: Redford’s Adventure, Zombie Carnaval and Dungeon Village are close contenders for the top spots of any good iPhone games list. Author Bio – Glen Hardwin is a financial specialist who writes about binary options platforms and other trading instruments.