5 Major Advantages Of Using Facebook Comments Box

Facebook comments box is a great option when it comes to selecting a commenting platform for your blog/website. This comments box from Facebook comes with pretty awesome features which make it one of the main reason for using it in your blog/website. Until now, 600K+ websites round the web have installed this Facebook comments box, also known as Facebook connect.


There are a lot of reasons which make this one of the best commenting platform. Here, as the title said, I highlight 5 major advantages of using Facebook connect.

[stextbox id=”info”]#1 No spam[/stextbox]

The first and foremost thing that I would like to share is, when you install this, you will no longer be prone to spam comments. Your site will be spam free when you install this. To comment using this, people will have to use their Facebook or any other accounts to log in, which is absolutely impossible to do by the spam robots.

[stextbox id=”info”]#2 Will boost your site’s traffic[/stextbox]

Well, this accounts for the best reason too. When people comment on your site using their Facebook id, the comment will be visible on their Facebook wall too. This inturn brings more traffic to your site as your article gets exposed to more users. However, it’s the commenter’s option to display the comment in his wall or not display.

[stextbox id=”info”]#3 Receive comment notifications on Facebook[/stextbox]

When someone replies to or likes one of your comment, you will get pinged with a notification on your Facebook account. You need not check your email each and every second for getting comments notifications. Facebook will take care to notify you if you opt to go with Facebook comments box.

[stextbox id=”info”]#4 Multiple accounts log in[/stextbox]

You can use four major accounts to comment on a site enabled with Facebook connect. You can use either Facebook or Yahoo or AOL or Hotmail. Own account in any one? Then, you are free to comment using Facebook connect. Commenting using Facebook is the best option, as you will get pinged when someone responds to your comment.

Anonymous commenting is impossible as you need to have at least one account in these sites. No-Anonymous comments also adds to one of the reasons for using Facebook comments box.

[stextbox id=”info”]#5 Threaded comments[/stextbox]

There goes it. Disqus or Intense Debate are not the only commenting platforms with threaded comments enabled. Facebook connect now too has threaded comments enabled. The threaded comments works the same way as in Facebook status/post or whatever you call it. When replying to a particular comment, Facebook adds the name of the original commenter to your comment so that, that man gets pinged that you mentioned you in his comment.

That’s it. What’s your thought on this? Do you like Facebook connect and what makes you think so? Share your voice with us below.