5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Do and How to Avoid Them

Today, blogs have evolved as a major and most popular tool of marketing and promotion for any sort of business. There are certain specifications, optimization tools and some other strategies that promise to be very useful. Many a people are earning their livelihood from blogging as they have greatly considered it as the full time business or occupation.


Every type of business, industry and enterprise is turning towards the blogging sector, in order to attract web traffic, build the loyalty and brand value. Obviously, money making is the top objective of some bloggers but what they need to do with their blogs is to keep them up to date with quality content. Your business needs marketing, valued promotion and people should be well aware of your offers. After deciding the blogging niche or area, you are supposed to find out the target audience. It becomes rather more optimistic to get under the right frame.

So let us get into the title topic,

5 Reasons Why  Many Newbie Bloggers Fail

  1. You should always start with a single blogging site rather than choosing to run many parallel blogs. As a blogger you need to spend your quality time with a single blog. Your dedication and time should not get distributed on many topics. This is a common mistake done by many newbie bloggers. They cram all stuff they know into a single site. You should rather stick to a niche and focus on it alone. Once it grows bigger, you can start out with the others.
  2. As said before many  bloggers’ main aim is to make some extra income using their blogs. With Google’s new algorithm changes like Panda  and Penguin, even the best established bloggers are finding it a hard time to keep us. So as a budding blogger, it is best advised that you concentrate more on the content. And while monetizing your blog, you are supposed to opt for the perfect and most effective monetizing means. Placement of the ads with poor conversion rates only can fill out the blog space. It will not fetch you investment amount.
  3. Rather than concentrating on the optimization techniques, you should think about the quality of your content. The online visitors need authentic and comprehensive contents in detail and your blog should definitely provide the same. Many new bloggers copy content from established sites, they do this inorder to fill their blog with content. But it is one of the biggest mistakes you could do, that can destroy your blog. The original author might sue you and there are less chances for your site to be placed good in search engines and recognized by people. So it is highly advised that you stay out of copying articles and post only quality content.Related: Top 5 Tips to Write Successful Blog Posts
  4. Many blog owners choose the wrong field or area to design their blogs. They waste their money and precious time for designing blogs that are not considered better for the time being. Get on with your interest and the level of competition in the specific blog niche. Starting a blog just because your friend has one is not advisable. Start a blog that reflects you and your passion, in that way you can make a blog do better in the long run.
  5.  The consumers and online visitors will not like to read innocent articles that have large number of mistakes. Your blog should have the quality and attracting agent. First of all, you will see the increase in web traffic and thereafter, you will find the money inflow! Regular and solid updates to your blog will work wonders for your blog.

These are the top 5 mistakes newbie bloggers do. If you are a newbie blogger and if you find yourself committing one or more than one of these, it is high time that you change your ways. All the best for you and your blog. If you have any doubts, drop us a comment and we’ll help you through.

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