5 Tips to Simplify your Mobile Life

  • Jun 14, 2013

As an increasing number of mobile devices poured to the world, people enjoyed more and more themselves in their mobile life. Therefore, people are so depend on their mobile devices that some even feel panic and unsafe without taking mobile devices. Thus, some new problems or potential problems also exposed to our mobile life. In order to be a talent of mobile life and make everything easier, the following 5 tips may give you some inspiration.

Tip One: A PureGear-A holster and a kickstand for you to clip, prop watch better etc. Sometimes, when you’re not walking on the street or you need to do some other stuff with your mobile devices, then you’ll see you need some holders rather than a screen eye person to meet your requirements. Put this little thing on your smartphones, you can watch your YouTube video while you’re driving, walking a dog or even while you’re running a machine.


Tip two: Hire A Screen Eye Person– If you’re too busy playing games, I’ll guide you walking to secure your mobile life. If you walk through the New York street, it’s not hard to see some so-called screen eye persons or seeing eye persons leading some other guys whose eyes are too busy playing their games or apps on their phones or pads to see their direction. If you’re happen to be the kind of person who is used to playing games, or posting facebook anytime anywhere with your mobile devices and sparing no time getting your directions, a screen eye person can help you out for God’s sake.

Tip Three: Advanced Mobile Care– An All-in-One security and performance optimization app to lighten up and safeguard your smartphones. In spite of the pleasant times you spent with your mobile devices in a good condition, some embarrassing or emergency always happen in real mobile life. Always get virus for no good reason? Unknown calls from annoying promoters again? Got lag or game-play disturbance when you’re playing your favorite Angry Birds? Low battery when you need your mobile badly? Or even lost your mobile in nowhere? And afraid of some private pictures or files made public from the lost phone? And blublublu…. But it’s not likely to happen if you have installed Advanced Mobile Care on your mobile devices because this free app can take good care of all these problems. Anyway, it doesn’t bite to install one since your mobile life is better safe than sorry.

Tip Four: A pair of Horizontal glasses –a pair of special glassed to assist you reading e-books or watching YouTube videos when you lying down on a sofa or your bed via pads or tabs. The rapid technology changes almost everything. You can hardly define a thing for sure. But there’s one thing that will surely happen in the future: people are getting “lazier and lazier” to get things done, the same as our mobile life. The Horizontal glasses are made of triangular prism which can reflect lights from mobile devices to your eyes in a devious way. Thus, you can enjoying your mobile life without hold it with hands when you’re lying down.


Tip five– Take it easy, keep away from your iPhones, iPad for a while. It is reported that a 4-year-old England girl got addictive to iPad games so seriously that she has abstinence syndrome when she was kept away from iPad. Scientists think people who spent more time in playing games with mobile devices suffer higher risks from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Therefore, you’d better keep away from mobile devices sometimes to live a healthy and easy mobile life!

An old saying says, an apple a day keeps doctor away! Those 5 tips in mind a day keeps hassle away and takes you a safer, easier and healthier mobile life!

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