5 Tips to Promote Your Company on Pinterest

Facebook and Twitter have a serious competition in the form of Pinterest. The new social network site has had an amazing growth from the start and got eleven million hits in just 1 month! Many businesses around the world are using Pinterest today to attract the attention of Pinterest users and also to build traffic to their company pages. It is said that Pinterest can drive more traffic to your website than Facebook. So what is Pinterest? And how can you use its features for the advantage of your business?


Pinterest is a social sharing site. It uses a virtual pin board theme where you can pin images, videos and other content that you would like to share with other users.  It is easier for product based companies to use Pinterest than service based ones as the site is based heavily on image sharing. But many service companies are finding ways to use Pinterest for promotion.

Tips to use Pinterest for Business

Here are 5 tips that you can make use of while promoting your company on Pinterest.

#1 Content

Pinterest has some rules and guidelines regarding self promotion. So go through “Pinterest Etiquettes” before creating your company page. Make sure that the content you are sharing has relevance to your company’s products or services. One thing that you should keep in mind is that Pinterest is not a market place and the users aren’t there to buy products, so don’t try too hard to sell your products there.

#2 Interaction

One more important thing to do is to interact with your customers.  You can create some contests and provide some giveaways to the winners to engage them just like you use apps on Facebook. You can later pin the images of winners on your page and share it with the world, which by itself can be a very effective tool for promotion.


Just like in Twitter or Facebook, in Pinterest too followers are to be given importance. You can pin your followers’ images like you RT your followers’ tweets on Twitter. Whatever you do, make sure that Pinterest is based on users’ lifestyles and all that you do must conform to their lifestyles.

#4 Creativity

Use your imagination to create promotion based content for your brand. Creative promotional activities will definitely attract users. “Gifts” section of Pinterest can be leveraged to your advantage if you know how to be creative with it. Pinterest allows you to put price tag on the “gift” you have pinned.

#5 Follow other brands

Like you follow big brands on Facebook and Twitter, use Pinterest to follow good brands too. Follow your followers to gain their attention. Whatever you do, it all boils down to one interest – Networking. Building network can provide you many benefits.

These are the five tips you can use to promote your brand on Pinterest. SEO experts are sure to find many other ways to build traffic to your websites with Pinterest. Developments will happen over time which can be beneficial to both individual users and businesses.