5 Ways to Efficiently Manage Your Time for Blogging

Many Blogs arise everyday, but most of them die in a few months. The first enemy for a blogger and a blog is lack of time. Is it real that we don’t have time to Blog or do we waste our time too much. It will be really difficult for us to blog consistently in our busy schedule. But if we are able to manage our time efficiently by following these simple tricks, we can surely write quality content in out blog regularly.

Don’t Get Distracted by Social Networks.

Don’t get too much distracted by social networks like Facebook and twitter. Your reputation as a blogger will not be affected by your Facebook and twitter presence but on the quality of your blog. So to write good quality content, you need to spend time on your blog, not on Facebook and twitter.

Reading is Good, but Limit It.

Reading other blogs and commenting on them is a good habit. But if you are going to spend a lot of time in it, then ultimately you are the loser. In your free time, spend a part of it for writing content for your blog and the remaining for interacting with other users. Instead of personally visiting all blogs, you can use RSS readers like Google Reader, to organize all your favorite blogs at one place and you can go through them quickly.

Don’t be Obsessed with Money.

Blogging will give you money only if you are blog is eligible for that. If you are too much obsessed with money and keep checking your adsense earnings every now and then, it is of no use. Instead spend more time writing good content and you’ll surely see an increase in your revenue.


Plan Your Time.

Many say that they don’t have time to blog daily. Blogging daily is not important, but blogging good stuff is important. Plan your time and try to post at least one good article once a weak. If you plan your activities, you can get enough time to post everyday. Posting fresh content is important, search engines love them. So, don’t leave your blog rot with no new content for a long time.

Say No to Television.

People say they don’t have time for blogging, but spend hours together before television. If you have a aim to become a great blogger, then you have to reduce your television watching time, if possible try to completely stop it. You can be more productive if you stop watching television.