5 Ways to Get More Passive Income for your Blog

How to monetise your blog

5 Ways to Get More Passive Income for your Blog

Blogging has recently become one of the most common hobbies for a variety of people. They keep sharing their thoughts and criticism on the internet, express opinions and engaging with the readers on their blogs. It takes time and writing skills to be able to create content in an interesting and innovative manner, but as a result, you can enjoy the creative process and also get some passive income from doing what you love.
In case blogging doesn’t sound all that appealing to you, just keep reading. I will share a few reasons why you should consider starting a blog even if it was never on your agenda before. If you are a student or just looking for a way of making additional money with writing, blogging is our answer to you. We will discuss how to make some extra cash using your blog, but first, let’s find out why blogging can be beneficial to you.

Why blogging?

There is an extensive list of reasons why you sHow to make money from blogginghould start a blog if you have at least some basic knowledge of how to write compelling and innovative content. It is even better if you can write about something you love or do on daily basis. What I mean is – you can blog about traveling if you spend a lot of time exploring new countries, maybe you have children you adore and are willing to offer some parenting advice.  If you have a great idea, or if you would just love to write about your favorite subject, then here are the best writing ideas for your blog:

  • Blogging makes you keep learning. Even if you feel that you’re a professional in particular area, there would still be gaps in your knowledge. That is why you absolutely should start blogging if you want to be motivated to learn more.
  • This hobby can be your primary occupation. If you amplify and promote your blog enough, you can be paid for it. More on that later.
  • Blogging helps you improve your writing skills, grammar and overall vocabulary. You will have to learn how to communicate your thoughts clearly, and as a result constant practice will make you a brilliant writer, speaker and a truly competent person.
  • Being a blogger will challenge you. You will need to overcome your fears and discipline yourself to keep moving even if you are not in the mood or the right place for writing. Moreover, the need of continuous growth will push you towards gaining better knowledge on  the subject.
  • You can use your blogging to encourage people to do something good. For instance, if your blog is about literature, you can encourage your readers to donate books from their home libraries to an orphanage or a particular social initiative.
  • Finally, a blogger has more chances of becoming a writer. If writing is what you always wanted to do for a living, then start with having a blog. You will learn essential skills for the writer, learn how to discipline yourself, and keep moving when you are sick and tired of writing process, and as a bonus, you might become known enough to gain recognition and get a contract from one of the publishing company.

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There are numerous reasons why blogging can be beneficial to you. If you did not feel enthusiastic about it before, we hope the reasons given above encouraged you to start thinking about blogging now.

How to make money from blogging

To make things even more attractive, we will show you how blogging can bring in an income. There are many ways you can get passive income from your blog.  And here are some of them.

1.  The first thing you can try is adding CPM ads on your blog

The CPM means “cost per thousand.” The name is self-explanatory: the more people see the ad, the more you will be paid by the ad owner. This sounds easy, but here is what you need to keep in mind when considering CPMs.
To be able to make money on CPMs your blog has to be popular. There are many ways of promoting it, but it takes time and consistency to make it work and get known. However, if you only have your family who read your blog and a couple of friends,  too afraid to offend you, there is no way you will make money. Make your writing style engaging, use spectacular examples, and be active in the blogging community to make this way of passive income work for you.

2.  You can create an eBook out of your blog

It is not as hard as it sounds, though it might take time and effort to convert a blog into a real book. However, it will not be too difficult if your blog is comprehensive and you did not go off-topic in it.

Consider creating an eBook by combining all the ideas you presented in your blog under one general idea. Make it impressive, logical, sound smart and ask professional writers to help you in the process – and there you go, your book is ready to be seen and read. All you need to do now is to launch an advertising campaign that will encourage your readers to get your e-book. And be sure to protect your original content with DMCA.com!
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3.  Create a separate landing page for your products

If each of your products has a separate landing page, it has higher chances of being sold. It is all because once it is only promoted on your blog, your readers are your only target audience. However, when you create a specific landing page for your products, people from the “outside” can find it and easily get it without the need of searching for it in your blog.

4.  You can sell space on your blog

Companies that want to advertise their services or products on your blog will be happy to pay you if you have a large number of readers and followers. Even though it is one of the most popular ways of getting passive income from blogging, the chances are that blogs about issues like parenting, gardening, or home schooling will get more companies willing to advertise their products on these blogs. The reason is quite tangible: companies want to promote their goods and services on blogs with the similar topic. That is why blogs about mysteries of the space won’t get as many requests to advertise something as those about gardening for dummies. Considering that there are more gardening-related goods than ones related to the space, the first blogger has more chances to get income for selling space on his blog.

5.  Ask your fellow bloggers to promote your services on their pages

Also, you can pay them to advertise your product. You can offer them to trade services as well if you are looking for alternative ways of promoting your products.

Hopefully, these reasons to start a blog and ways to make passive income on this hobby sound good enough for you to start writing today. If you have a gift for writing, do not waste your time: start your own blog and get paid for doing what you love and enjoy the process. Good luck!

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