6 Interesting Android Apps That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

As an Android user, you may have tried several apps of great utility and fun and also games. But always remember that there are plenty of developers out there to build wonderful apps in the market.Here are some interesting and cool apps that you might not have heard of. If you are an Android freak,then you must have used these already.These help you get the most out of your Android phone.I’ve included some apps dedicated to Bloggers! 😀


  • Bar Code Scanner
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Ping  [Bloggers special]
  • Connect Bot [Bloggers special]
  • Snap Photo Pro
  • My Settings

Bar code scanner

This Android application uses the camera in your phone to scan bar codes. Then it even sends it to it’s server to identify the product and also helps you purchase it instantly! This application works with other Android applications such as the Amazon application to look up information and prices on products.

Install the App from here.

WIFI analyzer

You can use this app if you are a person always working with WIFI and seearching for a connection always. It is also useful for troubleshooting Wi-Fi as it shows what channel the network is using and where various networks overlap. It can also indicate secure versus open networks and measure the signal strength.

Install the App from here.


This is an Android app for anyone who works with networked computers.It helps to know if your web server is up and running? Ping will let you check from your Android phone. It allows you to send ICMP pings to a server from your Android phone.

Install the App from here.

Connect Bot

Connect Bot is an absolute must-have application for anyone that works with Unix or Linux servers. This app is a very decent and capable secure shell client for the Android phone. Connect Bot is an SSH Client for the Android Phone which allows you to connect to remote servers directly from your Smartphone.

Install the App from here.

Snap photo pro

Snap Photo Pro is a premium app at $0.99. This Android application replaces the camera application that ships with Android. It features a software zoom and a stabilization. It also shows a grid representing the horizon and supports adjusting the white balance. Get this immediately if you hate your stock camera of Android.

Install the App from here.

My Settings

This is just a straight forward app.It is a grid of setting toggles; but the cool part is that the app opens up overtop of your currently running app, so it feels like a pop-up toggle. You can access it from anywhere by using the long press menu function.Drag that bar down/long-press that button, quickly change what you want to change, and go back to whatever you were doing.This is for those who badly want settings always and everywhere.

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