6 Must Try Features of Google Chrome 12

The Stable release of Google Chrome 12 is available for download now and it is packed with a lot of new features. You can download chrome from the official site, here. Chrome 12 is packed with a lot of new features and it was most expected even in its beta stage.


Let us see the 6 must try, new features of Google Chrome.

#1 Web Apps Search in address bar. Now the omnibox can search for web apps too. Now you save a few more seconds with this new feature.

#2 Using the “Clear Browsing Data” Option, we can delete the Flash cookies now, directly using the browser, Instead of visiting this page.

#3 Chrome Sync is now integrated with the tabbed settings page, which previously opened in a new Dialog box. A better interface for adding start pages is provided with better possibilities.

#4 While downloading executable files (.exe) it is scanned for viruses and malwares.

#5 The inbuilt PDF reader of Chrome has been updated and it is provided with Save and Print buttons too.

#6 Hardware accelerated 3D CSS (or 3D transforms). Chrome’s blog suggests to try “Shaun the Sheep“, an experiment that uses WebM video and 3D CSS to create an immersive app.

Hope you enjoyed them. If you find any interesting new feature in Chrome 12, share it right away with us. 😀