6 Sites to do a Background Check on Your Online Date

People meeting up through online dating sites is increasing like anything. With this kind of rush towards dating sites, it is also understandable that the scams related to them are also increasing. We see murders and other kind of criminal stuff which operates through dating sites on the news more often. So, it is highly advisable that you do a background check on the person you met online before taking him/her on a date.

The online dating industry is worth more than $4 Billion and almost 40% of single Americans use one of these sites to find a date. It is not uncommon that many members of these sites do tell lies about themselves. Many are simple lies about their weight, height and age. But, this can be a serious issue if you were to meet a him/her in person.

There have been a few hints on how you can find a liar on these kind of sites. Lesser usage of first-person pronouns, shorter biographies and self proclaimed good traits are common among dating site scammers. Let us take a look at those sites which would help you do a background check on people whom you find online. These sites help you do some research on that person without being too spooky or invading their privacy.

#1 Search Engines

When you start looking for a thing, the first place you would go is a search engine. So, go to your favourite search engine (preferably Google as it has better social search facilities) and search for the person. Most probably you won’t find anything, but sometimes you might. So, start from here.

#2 Free Public Records Search

You can use this service for free and search for inmate records, sex offenders, property registrations and a lot more for free in certain states and with a small fee for others. This site is best to start with.

#3 Family Watchdog

As the site’s tagline claims, “Awareness is your best defense”, it is better to be safe than sorry. This site helps you search for former recorded sex offenders,  so you can make sure your future date is not one. There is also options available for notifying you when an offender moves to your area.


#4 Department of Corrections

Search for your State’s name + Department of Corrections to find your State’s DOC’s website. They have a additional records on DOC fugitives, offenders’ location and a lot more vital information that might help us. So don’t skip this one.

#5 People Search Engines

There are many of these, you can start with pipl or 123people. They might not be accurate, so do cross-check with other sites too. These sites have huge sources and would require only the name and location, however if you could provide it with more information, you can get more reliable information. Some sites allow free search, while others would require a membership. You can try the free ones unless you are so particular about any service. Try multiple sites before coming to a conclusion.

#6 Social Networks

This should have been second on the list. Anyways, social networks (read: Facebook) do have a lot of people and it is highly possible your online date is there too. You can find him/her in Facebook and befriend him so that you can get  a little more info from their profile which you can use it on the above sites. However, you can’t be sure about the truthfulness of those information. You can also search for all the information publicly shared in Facebook.

Other Important Tips

Though these tips might help you to some extent, some bad people might escape even in this. so it is advised that you follow these.

  1. Inform your closest friend/family before going for the date.
  2. Meet on a public place and don’t go alone just on the first date.
  3. Take safety measures like pepper spray or anything that might help you on a close combat.
  4. If you have GPS enabled phones, do let your friends know about your location on the go.

You might think that we are going a little overboard. But, from what we’ve heard and what we’ve seen on the news, these kind of things are not uncommon and taking precautionary steps won’t hurt you. As said before, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you’ve done all these checks and are absolutely sure about your date, then have a good date ! 😉 If you’ve any doubts in this process (I mean the background check process :P), do let us know and we’ll help you out. Do share your thoughts and if you know any other better services, let others know it through the comments.

Stats Via [Backgroundcheck.org]