6 Tips to Choose a VoIP Service Provider

VoIP phone service is the advanced mode of communication by using Internet. This internet phone has been discovered as a result of evolving new advanced technology and also by increasing the continuous need of business and residential users who often need to make long distant calls.


Many companies offer this service to various business and residential customers. The size and services provided by these companies may vary but they are very few who have professional VoIP reviews. That’s why choosing VoIP internet phone service provider has become the difficult task for many people. To help you out from this situation, following are some of the essential tips for comparing and choosing the right and suitable VoIP service provider.

#1 Analyze Your Requirements

Initially you must brainstorm whether you really need VoIP service provider or not. One can analyze this by confirming the actual need to make long distant calls. If your traditional telephone bills show long distant or international calls more than 50 percent then of course you need to take VoIP phone service to cut your cost. VoIP is very cost effective internet phone service.

#2 Customer Service

Before taking VoIP service provider from any company, confirm that they will provide you customer service. Customer service is not provided by all the companies and it also depends on the plan you are opting. So make sure that they will provide you phone support for 24 hours and 7 days a week before giving money to them.

#3 Retaining Old Number

Only few companies allow you to keep the VoIP service provider with your old number. So if you wish to take the VoIP phone service on your old number then you should confirm this first as many companies don’t provide VoIP service on your old numbers.

#4 Service Plans

There are so many VoIP service plans available in the market. Some plans provide unlimited long distance and local calls and some plans even provide unlimited international calls. Some plans are good for residential users and some for small businesses and some for big companies. So read all the plans carefully and choose the appropriate one that suits your needs.

#5 Local Area Codes

Choose the service provider who can give you a local area code. This is necessary for you to make and receive the local calls at local rates otherwise local calls will also be charged at the rates of long distance calls.

#6 Customers Reviews

Don’t forget to read the online customer reviews before selecting any particular company and plan. These reviews can be used as a reference. There are both type of good and bad reviews so don’t keep them in mind, ask the company regarding your doubts and clear it. After interacting two three companies, you will get to know which plan you need to take and from which company.

About the Author: Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities and is writing this post for tustinautocenter.